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Ananda Cinema Hall empty despite 'Pathaan’ running

Ananda Cinema Hall empty despite 'Pathaan’ running
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Shah Rukh Khan starrer "Pathaan" has been running successfully all over the country and the Capital's Ananda Cinema Hall is no exception either, with four screenings every day.

However, there are no audiences in the cinema hall, which is situated at the heart of the Farmgate area. It has been observed that among the DC section's 540 seats, only 15 viewers came to see the 12 pm screening of "Pathaan". Apart from that, among 570 seats of general section, only 20 to 25 people came in to watch the film today.

Monsur, an employee of the cinema hall informed that he had been working here for a long while and is saddened at the fading excitement of the hall-goers. He also added that there aren't many "Pathaan" viewers coming in, which can't be said for the audiences streaming into the multiplexes around the country.

On a similar note, two students from Titumir College informed The Daily Star of their disappointment. Mehedi and Ashraf had come to join the 12 pm showing of "Pathaan".

"We heard a lot about the film so we came to see it. But we were expecting a lot more people."

A security guard at Ananda Cinema Hall added, "There have been a meagre number of viewers since the film's release. Nothing changed despite bringing in Hindi films."

Ananda Hall has been holding regular screenings of "Pathaan" at 12:30 pm, 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

The release of "Pathaan" in Bangladesh ended an 8-year gap of a Hindi movie being screened in the country, and it has created a lot of buzz among the audience. The film was released in 41 theatres nationwide, including Star Cineplex, Blockbuster Cinemas, and Madhumita Cinema Hall.