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Fashion & Beauty

Munzereen Shahid shines bright on her walima

As a beaming Munzereen steps onto the walima stage, she looks like a picture of grace and elegance in an ivory and antique gold ensemble. Her simple makeup is a nod to her uncomplicated, humble personality and her smile, heavy with the promise of a joyful future.

1d ago

Chic scarf hacks for effortless elegance

With a spring in your step, you go to work, as the scarf has given your mood a much-needed boost of confidence and happiness; everyone compliments how fresh and sophisticated you look!

6d ago

Elevate your sari game: Your guide to the trendiest sari blouses in town

Just like the numerous different styles of sari draping, we see the arrival of new blouse designs and revival of some from the past, every now and then. Although we would love to get our hands on as many trendy designer blouses as we can, we know that it is perhaps a bit too unrealistic.

6d ago

Faiza Ahmed gives Nazifa Tushi a ‘Hawa’ inspired red carpet look

Donning a 'Hawa' movie-inspired sari designed by the incredibly talented Faiza Ahmed of Manas, Tushi looked like the perfect embodiment of beauty, grace, and mystery. 

1w ago

Munzereen Shahid’s ‘soft glam’ akhd look

On her big day, Munzereen Shahid, the Head of Human Resources and English Trainer at the 10 Minute School, opted for a no-makeup-look on her akhd ceremony. As pictures went viral, many a fashion enthusiast gushed over the fresh, dreamy, and supremely natural look that Gala Makeover Studio and Salon was able to put together for her.

1w ago

Tech meets trends: A fashionista's guide to wearable tech

Wearable tech is redefining the fashion industry — from elegant smart rings that discreetly track heart rate and sleep patterns to innovative smartwatches — these pieces have become staple accessories for trendsetters and fashionistas alike.

2w ago

All the allure of body jewellery

Jewellery for the body is perhaps our most ostentatious, obvious way of showing our love and gratitude towards our bodies! A slinky chain around the waist, an armlet on the upper arm aren’t modern style statements, but have been worn by men and women since ancient times.

2w ago

The little black dress and its hypnotic black magic

The fact that there is no limit to the ways a black dress can be styled is a fact universally acknowledged.

3w ago

Why black shoes are must-haves for your collection

We’ve all heard of the “little black dress (LBD)”— the one thing you know will work each time, when nothing else will. It’s time to make space for another unsung hero of your wardrobe that’s just as versatile, but unfortunately a lot more underrated — the black shoe.

3w ago

Are heels going out of style?

Ever since the pandemic, more and more people are choosing comfort over aesthetics, causing a seismic shift in the way shoes have been perceived in the world of fashion in a very long time.

3w ago

Sadia Islam Mou: Of grace and glamour

Mou has been in the limelight mostly during the ‘90s, especially for her modelling career.

3w ago

Mahmudul Hasan Mukul: Weaving fashion dreams into reality

In an exclusive interview with Star Lifestyle, Mukul discusses how he found his passion for the field of fashion, career turning points, and his creative process.

4w ago

Monsoon in style with TAAGA MAN

This monsoon, embrace cotton clothing and lightweight accessories that not only keep you comfortable but also create a statement in fashion like no other. And to make our lives easier there’s TAAGA MAN monsoon collection with almost everything to meet our rainy season fashion requirements.

Comfortable cotton saris for every mood

Cotton is the number one choice of fabric for summer. Being a natural fibre, it allows free airflow; the soft fabric wicks away moisture, helping the wearer cool down in sweltering heat. So, it is no surprise that ladies tend to opt for cotton saris in vibrant colours during the summer.

5 ways to master the timeless art of draping a sari

While there is no debate on which is the better style, here are 5 ways to drape your favourite sari the next time.

From tradition to trend: The evolution of katan

A piece of nostalgia, a part of cultural heritage, or an heirloom passed on through generations; the deep-seated love Bengali women have for katan sari is truly unparalleled. Be it the old-school romanticism that comes with being a red katan bride or the unapologetic boldness of the bright colour contrast that makes you stand out in a crowd, katan is always among our top choices for any occasion.

Great ways to style brooches

As it is one of the accessories that can be worn with most outfits, we have compiled a list of a few unique ways that you may accessorise your go-to outfit with brooches.

Shaping the Barbie we know and love today

Barbie, the figurehead for Mattel toys, has enjoyed an almost monopolistic popularity ever since its creation in the late 50s. Embroiled in quite a few feminist discussions, the famous doll was criticised for its perfect body, Caucasian features, and unrealistic good looks. However, times have changed and with it, Barbie.