Nas Daily and Alyne Tamir’s Breaks up: 5 things to take away from their split

Nas and Alyne’s breakup after a six-year relationship was shocking, but perhaps not entirely unprecedented.
Nas Daily and Alyne Tamir’s Breaks up: 5 things to take away from their split
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"At the end of the day we're just two imperfect individuals trying to make it work every day." Two years ago, Nas and Alyne made a video referring to the hardships in their relationship. The two have split apart after six, almost seven years of travelling the world together.  

Content creator Nuseir Yassin, better known as Nas and by his online channel Nas Daily, and Alyne Tamir, known for her videos on Dear Alyne, became one of the internet's most-discussed couples because of their travels, garnering fans all over the world. Their journey began in June 2016 and since then, the two visited 70 countries together, something which most couples only dream of.

Online, the couple looked perfect — accepting each other's differences and flaws, navigating with each other's families, being culturally open to changes, and so much more. Yet, unresolved issues and lifestyles differences are what broke them up, as they announced in a 13-minute video posted on 22 May, 2023.

The video does not tell us much about the ugliness that transpired between the two. It offers closure to fans and is wholesome. Here are five things to think about from their journey and their breakup –

Private vs Public

We see couples posting pictures of their perfect relationship, be that celebrities or friends. There is always the debate of keeping your relationship private and handling arguments privately without having hundreds, if not thousands, of viewers adding in their two cents. That begs the question, was Nas' and Alyne's relationship something that needed a public platform, opening their relationship up to more criticism? Was the breakup something they should have handled more privately? Or is this just another case of content creators making the most out of something they know viewers are interested in?

Personal relationships vs Career

It is evident from their video that the two, especially Nas, lost sight of the relationship. At some point, Alyne began to sense that she was last on his priority list, something which Nas did not entirely disagree with. Nas lost focus of Alyne and due to their existing differences, he stopped investing in their relationship. Naturally, why put effort into something that has no future? You cannot criminalise Nas for putting his career first but if this is something he felt, should it not have been addressed earlier instead of Alyne hoping to become a priority for the past two to three years?

Is spending time together enough?

As full-time content creators, it makes you wonder how Nas and Alyne made time just for themselves. Where was the quality time? Undoubtedly, Nas and Alyne spent a lot of time together (their first date was for 4-days!). Yet, their issues regarding life goals, ambitions, and priorities remained unresolved, particularly for Alyne. In a span of six years and supposedly being accepting of their differences and flaws, despite almost breaking up multiple times, and acknowledging the hardships in their relationships on their videos, it was not enough.

So, take note. To build a long-lasting relationship, spending time doing fun things is not always enough. If you are not reciprocating your partner's love language, not making the effort to give them what they need, it is likely to fail eventually.

Perfection online isn't reality

Indeed, what else could you want more than travelling the world with your partner and having your career grow? Perfect, isn't it? Nas and Alyne's break up tells us otherwise.

Their break up video gives us glimpses of the ugliness and bickering that transpired behind the scenes. Despite their video being heartwarming and offering closure, like any break up, we can assume that it was not that easy. 

Retaining your individuality

Alyne's reason to walk away from this relationship is perhaps the most heart-breaking, yet realistic. Retaining your individuality and putting yourself first is always challenging in a partnership. In the video, she sheds light on how she moved to where Nas wanted and invested her time and energy into things that were important to him. Additionally, and the most striking part, is how she remained patient in hopes for Nas to give her the attention and priority she wanted. She made sure to counter her own complaint with the fact that if she had to ask for these things, were they the right fit. 

No relationship is perfect. Nas and Alyne's breakup might be the ideal example for why you should never go into a job with your partner. It might be a lesson for many in prioritising themselves despite the affection they might have for the other person. At the end of the day, it boils down to how strongly your values align and that is something only time can tell.


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