Biman ticket cannot be booked without passenger info: minister

Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Muhammad Faruk Khan today said no ticket of Biman Bangladesh Airlines can be booked without passengers’ information

2d ago

Direct Flights to US: Bangladesh needs 'Category 1' rating first: FAA

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants Bangladesh to achieve a "Category 1" safety rating, which requires passing the FAA's International Aviation Safety Assessment, to begin US-Bangladesh direct flights

2d ago

Land of the Thunder Dragon

The time for you to explore Bhutan is now!

4d ago

Bhutan reduces fees for Bangladeshi tourists

Department of Tourism of Bhutan notified that it has revised its policy for Bangladeshi tourists

1w ago

Malaysia entry deadline: Biman arranges special flight for migrant workers

.Biman Bangladesh Airlines will operate a special flight on Dhaka - Kuala Lumpur route today at 7:15pm paving the way for some Bangladeshi migrant workers to reach Malaysia within today's deadline

2w ago

BARK Air: Where Dogs Skip the Crate and Take Flight

A handful of airlines does allow you to fly with your dog next to you, however, BARK Air went beyond that and decided to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.

2w ago

Hear the sea calling you? Head to these 5 unique beaches!

We all love going to the beach. A walk on the warm sand after a nice swim can never go wrong. However, there are countless beaches across the globe where you can experience that and much more. Here’s a list of 5 unique beaches that you should consider travelling to.

3w ago

10 photogenic places to visit in Asia to blow up your Instagram

If you are someone with a passion for photography, be you a novice or an expert, bring out your camera with you, as we have prepared a list of 10 camera-friendly places to visit in Asia so you can get your dream shots.

1m ago

7 monsoon travel spots in Asia you will regret missing!

Here, are the 7 best monsoon travelling destinations in Asia to add to your bucket list.

1m ago

From Lisbon to Porto: A tale of adventure in Portugal

Life is all about grabbing an opportunity when one presents itself and that’s exactly what I did, when I found an email in my inbox, one fateful day, inviting me for a 4-day work meeting, across several continents, to Europe. It was one of my favourite, yet least explored destinations in the world — Portugal — and this time, I knew I wanted to capitalise.

1m ago

Chasing horizons in Thailand: A month of marvels and mishaps

Dhaka. The city where honking is the language of the roads, and the heat is a constant companion like that one clingy friend we all have. So, what happens when five Dhakaites decide to swap this chaos for the tropical allure of Thailand? Let's just say, it involves more than our usual dose of adrenaline and an unexpected culinary plot twist.

1m ago

Wanderlust on two wheels: Musdaque’s expedition across 10 countries

While the allure of the unknown beckons the adventurous spirit within us, only a few capture the essence of exploration like cross-country motorcycling. Riding through the heart of Asia, Musdaque Chowdhury, and his partner Maliha Chowdhury, embarked on a 197-day journey traversing 10 countries.

1m ago

Rain in UAE: 9 Dhaka-bound flights cancelled

A total of nine flights bound for Dhaka from the United Arab Emirates were cancelled today due to the heaviest rain ever recorded in the Middle East country

1m ago

Breath-taking Bangladesh: Top 5 motorbike journeys across Bangladesh

While our beloved nation is not exactly celebrated for its pristine highways, it surprisingly hosts several spectacular routes for motorcycle enthusiasts to uncover. So, this Eid, buckle up and fire up your engine as we explore 5 of the most beautiful roads in Bangladesh for a memorable motorbike adventure, courtesy of moto vlogger Mirza Abidur Rahman!

2m ago

Seaside adventure: Safety tips for Cox's Bazar travellers

Amidst the allure of this coastal gem, safety becomes a special issue during peak seasons like Eid, when this popular tourist destination usually swells with crowds.

2m ago

7 ways to enjoy Eid at your ancestral home as a grownup

Eid is a time to break free, to an extent, and to grab the opportunities of sheer fun and amusement your gram er bari offers.

2m ago

5 budget-friendly summer vacation destinations in Asia

With its rich culture, breath-taking landscapes, and fascinating historical sites Asia has countless destinations fit for a summer vacation. So, put your travel plans in motion and get ready for an incredible summer in Asia!

2m ago

5 places in Asia to enjoy water sports

Beating the heat during a luxurious trip abroad does not just have to come in the form of ice creams and sunbathing. Why not kick it off at a thrilling waterpark or test your abilities in a range of water sports? Here are 5 stunning tourist attractions in Asia to get the best of your water sporting skills!

2m ago
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