Top 5 tourist attractions in Mymensingh

With its convenient rail and bus connections to Dhaka, Mymensingh has all the makings of a bustling tourism hub. So, here is a list of places you can visit in Mymensingh on your next trip.

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5 beautiful forests to visit in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to some stunning and diverse forests that are truly enchanting. From the magnificent Sundarbans to the freshwater Ratargul Swamp Forest, the forests that dot the landscape are a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.

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Take your adventure to new heights: 5 places in Asia for paragliding

Here are the 5 places where you can experience paragliding in Asia.

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Thailand to offer Chinese tourists visa-free entry

Chinese tourists will enjoy visa-free entry to Thailand from the end of September under a temporary scheme announced by the kingdom's newly formed cabinet Wednesday.

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Life grinding away your happiness? It’s time to hit the beach!

Try to plan one trip to the beach every year. Do some careful financial planning, save up, and set aside three to four days (the more, the better) from your work schedule to spend time at the beach, because an annual beach getaway is absolutely worth it.

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Garden enthusiasts, rejoice! Asia's top 5 most stunning gardens to visit

Whether you are a passionate horticulturist or simply cherish the idea of spending a few evenings surrounded by colourful aromatic blooms, here are 5 of these marvels, each with its own unique story to tell.

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5 most fascinating museums around the world

Here are 5 of the most bewildering museums dedicated to particular niches.

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Must-visit tourist spots in Bhutan

Let’s explore some tourist attractions in Bhutan that you must visit at least once.

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5 important tips to keep in mind when travelling

Here are 5 things you should always bear in mind while travelling.

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5 most romantic cities around the world

If your upcoming plan as a couple involves embarking on a journey to savour new culinary delights, indulge in shopping escapades, or simply wander through secluded ancient alleyways in each other’s embrace, then consider these recommendations for the most enchanting cities worldwide to embark on this amorous expedition with your beloved partner.

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All international airports in KSA now open to Bangladeshi flights

Planes of Bangladeshi carriers from now on will be able to land at any airport in Saudi Arabia

7 most beautiful forests around the world

If you are planning an adventurous retreat in the woods, here are seven most beautiful forests around the world.

Reasons why you should travel within Bangladesh

Lately, there has been a rise in the number of tourists travelling from Bangladesh to other countries, which is fine, but there are plenty of reasons to travel within our own country.

Top 5 places to visit in Gazipur

Whether you want to take a day trip or go on a tour for a couple of days, here are the top five places to visit in Gazipur. to experience the greenery, be it in a safari park or a resort.

In a first, Biman signs code-share deal with Gulf Air

Biman Bangladesh Airlines for the first time has signed a strategic code-share agreement with Gulf Air to facilitate travelling between Bangladesh and the Gulf region

Understanding the concept of travelling mindfully

Travelling mindfully transforms the spirit of a traveller from a simple desire to see the world to a more profound expedition of connections and understanding on a whole other level.

The splendour of Sylhet

Located on the bank of the Surma River, Sylhet is one of the oldest cities in Bangladesh, having a vast historical and cultural background. Originally part of the Bengal Presidency and later Eastern Bengal and Assam; Sylhet  was part of Colonial Assam between 1874 and 1947 when, following a referendum and the partition of British India, it then became part of the then East Pakistan.

First Bangladeshi climbers to attempt the Snow Leopard Challenge

Two Bangladeshi mountaineers, Salehin Arshady and Imran Khan, are embarking on a historic mission to complete the prestigious Snow Leopard Challenge