Argentina plans to open embassy in Bangladesh

Argentina embassy in Bangladesh
Argentina Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero (L) and Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Abdul Momen. Photo: Twitter/ @SantiagoCafiero

Argentina is planning to open its embassy in Bangladesh. The decision might have been boosted by Bangladesh's support of Lionel Messi's team in the football World Cup in Qatar, according to the Merco Press, a South Atlantic News Agency.

Bangladesh has always had a die-hard Argentina fanbase, but during this Qatar World Cup, they grabbed global attention by displaying their immense passion. It all began when a video of ecstatic Bangladeshi supporters cheering Messi's goal against Mexico was posted by the official FIFA Twitter account, reports UNB.

The tale of Bangladesh and Argentina quickly went viral, and started trending on the internet. The Argentine media also covered it. Later, the official Twitter account of Argentina's national football team tweeted about Bangladesh with the following message: "Thank you for supporting our team!! They are crazy like us!"

Argentines joined the media and journalists in expressing their gratitude for Bangladesh on social media. As a reciprocation for Bangladesh's undying love for the Argentine football team, an Argentine fan group for the Bangladesh national cricket team was created on social media.

Meanwhile, in a tweet on Saturday, Santiago Cafiero, the foreign minister of the Argentine Republic, revealed the plan to reopen the embassy in Bangladesh.

Argentina will promote the project to reopen the Embassy in Bangladesh, tweeted Cafiero in Spanish.

Cafiero also attached a picture of himself with Bangladesh Foreign Minister Abdul Momen in his tweet.

"In August I had a meeting with my peer, Abul Kalam Abdul Momen, at the 10th Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons," Cafiero stated.

In another tweet posted on the same day, the Argentine foreign minister mentioned that in 2021, Argentina's exports to Bangladesh totalled USD 876 million, an all-time high.

"The main products exported are soybean oil, flour and pellets from the extraction of soybean oil, corn and wheat, which account for 99% of shipments," he added.

The Argentina foreign ministry also issued a statement in this regard, according to Merco Press.

"With the reopening of the Embassy and its consular section, we seek to exploit the potential of the bilateral relation, mainly in the commercial aspect, which has a wide potential for growth, seeking to diversify trade and the Argentine exportable offer. Likewise, to promote cooperation in the sports, satellite, humanitarian aid, and disaster management fields," Merco Press reported quoting the statement.

Cafiero also plans to make a trip to Bangladesh to finalise the details about the embassy after participating in the G-20 Foreign Ministers' Summit in India in 2023, the Merco Press report added quoting the Argentina foreign minister as saying.


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