Trump, Haley rally supporters on eve of South Carolina primary

Runaway favorite Donald Trump and his opponent Nikki Haley urged their supporters Friday to turn out in big numbers in the South Carolina Republican presidential primary

1h ago

US returns to lunar surface for first time in 50yrs

A spacecraft built and flown by Texas-based company Intuitive Machines landed near the moon’s south pole on Thursday, the first US touchdown on the lunar surface in more than half a century and the first ever achieved by the private sector.

11h ago

US downs three Houthi drones over Red Sea

American forces shot down three one-way attack drones near commercial ships in the Red Sea yesterday, after striking four drones on the ground in Yemen the day before, the US military said.

11h ago

Biden slaps sanctions on 500 targets involved in Russia 'war machine'

US President Joe Biden on Friday announced sanctions on more than 500 targets in Russia on the second anniversary of the Ukraine invasion, vowing sustained pressure to stop President Vladimir Putin's "war machine."

16h ago

US FDA warns against using smartwatches to measure blood glucose

The US Food and Drug Administration warned consumers on Wednesday against using smartwatches or smart rings that claim to measure blood glucose levels without piercing the skin, regardless of manufacturer or brand

1d ago

In Michigan, Arab American voters vow to 'punish' Biden

It's common to hear residents chatting in Arabic just as often as English in this Detroit suburb's stores or mosques, those buildings themselves often sporting bilingual signage out front

1d ago

US encourages Bangladesh govt to ensure all officials comply with law, financial regulations

The US encourages elected officials of Bangladesh to comply with the country's laws and financial regulations as regards to corruption

2d ago

Trump compares own legal troubles with Navalny persecution

Donald Trump on Tuesday compared his own legal troubles with the persecution of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny, who died in prison last week

3d ago

US vetoes UNSC push for Gaza ceasefire

The United States yesterday again vetoed a draft United Nations Security Council resolution on the Israel-Hamas war, blocking a demand for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

3d ago

Abraham Lincoln pardoned Biden's great-great-grandfather

Abraham Lincoln pardoned Joe Biden's great-great-grandfather after a late-night Civil War-era brawl, documents reportedly show, linking the two US presidents across the centuries

4d ago

US says launches five new strikes on Huthi weapons systems

US forces in the Red Sea have successfully conducted "five self-defense strikes" to foil attacks by land and sea from Huthi-controlled areas of Yemen, the American military said Sunday

4d ago

US election: What if Biden or Trump leaves the race?

Biden versus Trump: The lineup in the 2024 US election has long been a foregone conclusion, with a rematch between the two presidents appearing all but certain

5d ago

Trump fined $355m, banned from NY business

A New York judge ordered Donald Trump to pay USD355 million over fraud allegations and banned him from running companies in the state for three years Friday in a major blow to his business empire and financial standing.

6d ago

US plans to send weapons to Israel even as Biden pushes for ceasefire: report

The Biden administration is preparing to send bombs and other weapons to Israel that would add to its military arsenal even as the US pushes for a ceasefire in Gaza, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing current and former US officials

6d ago

Judge in Trump fraud case would not back down

Trump hit with $354.9 million penalty, 3-year ban in NY civil fraud case

1w ago

Trump fined $355m, banned from NY business for 3 yrs in fraud case

A New York judge ordered Donald Trump to pay $355 million over fraud allegations and banned him from running companies in the state for three years Friday in a major blow to his business empire and financial standing

1w ago

Ancient viruses responsible for our big brains

Ancient viruses that infected vertebrates hundreds of millions of years ago played a pivotal role in the evolution of our advanced brains and large bodies, a study said Thursday.

1w ago

One dead, children among 21 injured in Super Bowl parade shooting

One person was killed and children were among the 21 injured after a mass shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl victory rally on Wednesday triggered panic among huge crowds of fans

1w ago
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