Next Step / Bridging the gender gap in science and tech

In an exclusive interview, Farhana Hasan, CEO of HerWILL, shared with us insights from her career, offering advice and inspiration to women navigating STEM's multifaceted complexities.

1m ago

Next Step / A peek inside Hasibul's journey of community-driven freshwater conservation

Hasibul’s project focuses on revitalising Dhaka’s Banani Lake and the Korail slum in Dhaka through a community-driven freshwater conservation effort. In an exclusive interview, we dive into Hasibul's journey so far, details about his externship, and the passions that drive him to save the environment in this rapidly changing modern world.

3m ago

Next Step / He uncovered a massive data leak in Bangladesh. Here's what he says on cybersecurity

In an exclusive interview, we dive into the dynamic world of cybersecurity with Viktor Markopoulos, who shares his experiences, hurdles, and perspectives on the evolving landscape of cybersecurity, especially in the context of Bangladesh and developing nations. 

3m ago

The art of news reading, with Farabi Hafiz

Farabi Hafiz, a Mass Communication and Journalism student from Dhaka University, embarked on his television career with DeshTV in 2009. His initial role as a reporter was demanding, with no days off except for exams. This rigorous schedule laid the foundation for his later success at ATN News and beyond.

4m ago

Next Step / Making migration more accessible for Bangladeshis

The 'Ami Probashi' app and recruitment management system is a user-friendly, digitised platform that streamlines the migration process for aspiring Bangladeshis seeking employment abroad. In an interview with The Daily Star, Namir Ahmad Nuri, co-founder and CEO of Ami Probashi Ltd., shared the details of the Ami Probashi platform, challenges within the industry, and his journey thus far.

4m ago

Next Step / Staying ahead of the employability curve

In an interview with The Daily Star, Dr Ajay Kela shared the goals of the Wadhwani Foundation, what kind of skills a modern employer looks for, and the importance of upskilling for modern graduates.

5m ago

Next Step / An interview with Sakib Jamal: Forbes 30 under 30 2024 

Bangladeshi-born American venture capitalist Sakib Jamal has recently achieved recognition of being listed in Forbes' prestigious 30 Under 30 list for 2024 in the North America region, in the Venture Capital category. In an interview with The Daily Star, the young venture capitalist dives into his background, experiences, and projects of both past and present.

5m ago

Next Step / Made-in-Bangladesh AI: The roadblocks and the future

Intelligent Machines, a Dhaka-based company that provides enterprise AI products and data science services, has etched itself as a notable name in Bangladesh's AI-based tech industry. We recently caught up with Mohammad Oli Ahad, the founder and CEO of Intelligent Machines, to learn more about the company’s mission, technological triumphs, and the strategies propelling it forward. 

7m ago

Shaping Bangladesh's future leaders: Career map and advice for the youth from a trailblazer

Steve Poré is the Regional Marketing Director - Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa (APMEA) at BAT, with an illustrious career. n a sit-down conversation with him, we explored Steve’s exceptional career, international exposure, insights into Bangladesh's potential and the rising prowess of its youth.

8m ago

Leaping up to set newer standards: realme turns 5

Smartphone brand realme is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Over this period, it has emerged as one of the world's fastest-growing smartphone manufacturers and is now a prominent global player.

8m ago

In conversation with Korvi Rakshand, 2023 Magsaysay Award winner

Korvi Rakshand Dhrubo, founder and CEO of Jaago Foundation, has recently received the Ramon Magsaysay Award, also called the ‘Nobel Prize of Asia’, an award that recognises individuals with notable contributions to public service, community leadership, and social development.

8m ago

Women's empowerment and equality in the digital space

The Daily Star recently had a conversation with Sajjab Hasib, Chief Marketing Officer at Grameenphone on gender equality, the empowerment of women, and how these factors influence the telecom industry.

8m ago

In conversation with Nabanita Nawar: The first Bangladeshi on Forbes' 30 Under 30 Local: Toronto

Nabanita Nawar, a Bangladeshi researcher and entrepreneur residing in Canada, has recently been featured in the Forbes' '30 Under 30 Local: Toronto' list. We recently caught up with her to learn more about her background, work, and aspirations.

9m ago
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