Away from home

Away from home

Nasima Begum elected mayor of Lowestoft

Councillor Nasima Begum has been elected as the mayor of Lowestoft for the municipal year 2024-2025

3d ago

Attack on Foreigners: Bangladeshi students terrified in Kyrgyzstan

Mobs attacked medical students, including Bangladeshis and Indians, in Kyrgyzstani capital Bishkek on Friday and now they are staying indoors fearing further attacks.

1w ago

Exploited and trapped, man dies in Malaysia

A journey to Malaysia, a dream of a better life. Driven by the hope of securing a job with a decent payday, Md Shofiqul Islam, 33, of Pabna,  went to Malaysia five months ago. Little did he know that this aspiration would spiral into despair and eventual demise.

2m ago

9,370 expatriates are currently in foreign prisons: Hasan Mahmud

Foreign Minister Mohammed Hasan Mahmud informed parliament today that a total of 9,370 Bangladeshi expatriates are currently held in prisons across 26 countries

3m ago

4 Bangladeshis killed in Qatar fire

The fire broke out in Doha's Feroz Abdul Aziz area on Sunday night (local time) and later spread to a nearby building

6m ago

Bangladesh mission launches new legal service for expats in Bahrain

The Bangladesh embassy in Bahrain, with support from the Wage Earners' Welfare Board, has launched a legal support service for the Bangladeshi expatriates in the Gulf country

8m ago

Mediterranean shipwreck: Families of 4 Faridpur youths worried sick

The families of four Faridpur youths, who, according to a human trafficker, were on the recently capsized boat in the Mediterranean Sea, are worried sick as they are yet to get any news about the youths

1y ago

Int'l Migrants Day: with dreams departed, they come home dead

Unskilled or low-skilled workers are often involved in risky, difficult, and laborious jobs in the scorching heat. Apart from the unforgiving heat, work hours reaching 12 to 18 hours,

1y ago

Over 300 workers to get back insurance money

South Korea will arrange insurance money for more than 300 Bangladeshi workers who returned from Korea without collecting the amount that they were entitled to.

1y ago

Regularisation in Greece: 1,000 Bangladeshis register at embassy

More than 1,000 Bangladeshi undocumented migrants have enlisted their names at the Bangladesh embassy in Greece for a regularisation process of the Greek government, which is yet to start.

1y ago

With dead son's body trapped in Mexico, Bangladeshi family at a loss in Malaysia

When word of the family's eldest son's death during a vacation in Mexico reached them two weeks ago, the family of four were heartbroken.

1y ago

Bangladeshi woman killed in Lebanon

Lebanon police have detained four Bangladeshis in connection with the death of a Bangladeshi expat there.

1y ago

Bangladeshi workers struggling amidst economic crisis in Lebanon

Bangladeshi migrant workers continued to face financial hardship in Lebanon, while many found it difficult to remit money home after making ends meet, due to a prolonged economic crisis there.

1y ago

Dabir Chacha: A living legend

On a British sunny afternoon when the entire nation was celebrating Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in a four day weekend from Thursday, June 2 till Sunday, June 5, I was off to North London to see another elderly who had become a celebrity in his own rights and rose to fame at the age of 100 when he decided to raise funds during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Since then, he has become an iconic figure in the Bengali community and is lovingly called Dabir Chacha.

1y ago

Students of University of Rome Tor Vergata learn about Bangabandhu’s life, philosophy

Students of University of Rome Tor Vergata were told the story of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

2y ago

Bangladeshi entrepreneur opens first of its kind agricultural school in Maldives

Bangladeshi entrepreneur Ahmed Mottaki has founded the first of its kind “School of Agriculture” at MI College, an international-level educational institution in the Maldives.

2y ago

Bangladesh mission in Kolkata observes anniversary of hoisting national flag

On April 17, 1971, the then Deputy High Commissioner Hossain Ali hoisted the Bangladesh flag by lowering the Pakistani one at the Deputy High Commission in Calcutta (now Kolkata), West Bengal, India.

2y ago

Man jailed for killing British-Bangladeshi teacher in London

A man was jailed for life on Friday for the brutal murder of a British-Bangladeshi female teacher found dead a short walk from her London home in a killing that fuelled public anger about violence against women in Britain.

2y ago
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