Not a place for corruption

Investigate the allegations raised against BSMMU VC

It is unfortunate that BSMMU, the highest postgraduate medical institution in Bangladesh, has been suffering from various irregularities, particularly regarding recruitment. According to a recent report by Prothom Alo, at least 11 relatives of Vice-Chancellor Prof Sharfuddin Ahmed secured jobs in the university over the last decade. Seven of them were recruited after he was appointed as VC in March 2021, two when he served as pro-VC, and the rest when he was president of the BSMMU branch of the pro-Awami League doctors' association Swadhinata Chikitsak Parishad. Among those recruited were his sons, his wife's nephew, etc.

These recruitments clearly fly in the face of meritocracy, and by allowing them the VC has enabled an environment of nepotism and corruption that may not only affect the quality of education in BSMMU or the medical services it provides to patients, but also harm its reputation. While the VC has claimed that the recruitments were made considering the merit of those involved, these were, according to insiders, actually in breach of rules as all his relatives got jobs without sitting for any exam.

Reportedly, during the tenure of this VC, a total of 1,857 people have been appointed in various posts including professor, associate professor, assistant professor, medical officer, accounts officer, administrative officer, nurse, ward boy, nanny, driver, sweeper, etc. However, only less than 500 of these appointments were made following proper procedure – through advertisements in newspapers and recruitment tests. More than 1,300 people got jobs as temporary staff, and they will be gradually made permanent, according to insiders who believe this is nothing but an avenue for corruption. Many of them have also alleged that each temporary recruitment has been made in exchange for money.

These are all serious allegations and particularly disturbing because these involve the highest authority of a university. We demand an immediate, fair investigation into the allegations and hope that proper measures will be taken if those are found to be true. Universities that create future leaders should never be a place harbouring corruption and nepotism.


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