India’s election opens the door to the past

India witnessed a tumultuous time between May 1996 and October 1999 when coalition governments came and left in quick succession.

2w ago

Bertelsmann Transformation Index 2024: Another indictment of Bangladesh’s state of governance

Bangladesh, since 2018, has been classified as a 'moderate autocracy.'

3m ago

What democracy indices say about Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s declining score in the EIU Democracy Index should provide an opportunity to discuss not only how EIU has rated Bangladesh, but also how others have characterised the country’s state of democracy—or lack thereof.

4m ago

The Great Game will continue

The absence of democratic behaviour is no longer hidden under the carpet.

5m ago

Opinion / What comes after January 7?

If AL’s victory in the 2014 election was a hollow one, the 2024 victory in the making is nothing short of a Pyrrhic one—a victory which inflicts so much damage that it cannot be considered worthwhile.

5m ago

Elections without choice: A leaf out of autocrats’ playbook

As the country is heading towards an exercise that the incumbent is calling an election, it is imperative that we understand what is in the making.

6m ago

EC’s act is ‘an improbable fiction’

The EC’s action has already contributed to the deterioration of the political situation, and it will continue to reverberate in the coming days.

7m ago

Reading Donald Lu’s letter, intently

Is there a connection between India’s clarification of its policy and Lu’s letter?

7m ago

What the law minister's DSA statement reveals

Until now, there was no account from the government that provided a picture on the extent of the use of the law.

1y ago

Government’s stubborn attitude on DSA sends ominous signal

The government is not taking OHCHR recommendations about the law into account.

1y ago

Persecution of journalists: Condemnation isn’t enough

It is our moral duty to condemn the arrest of Samsuzzaman Shams and demand his immediate release.

1y ago

What is in store for the new year?

Looking back at 2022, experts on the South Asian political and economic landscape would highlight the ongoing economic crisis for understandable reasons.

1y ago

Citizens’ fundamental rights are not the executive’s choice

Can citizens be told that their rights are now available because the executive branch of the state is offering them as a gift?

1y ago

Why is Bangladesh seeking IMF support in the first place?

As Bangladesh, facing an unprecedented economic crisis, has entered a negotiation with the IMF for a USD 4.5 billion loan package, a few discussions have ensued in the country.

1y ago

Imran Khan’s downfall and the judiciary’s role in it

A fortuitous combination of several factors in the past few months have brought down the Imran Khan government in Pakistan.

2y ago

Dhaka’s abstention in Ukraine vote is an anomaly

Bangladesh’s abstention in the vote on the Ukraine crisis at the United Nations’ emergency special session on March 3, 2022 deserves much more scrutiny than it has received thus far.

2y ago

Three legacies of the Election Commission

The 12th Election Commission (EC) of Bangladesh, headed by KM Nurul Huda, completed its tenure on February 14, 2022.

2y ago

Five questions about the president’s dialogues

It seems like deja vu in Bangladeshi politics. As President Abdul Hamid is holding dialogues with various political parties to seek suggestions for members to form the search committee for the next Election Commission, it has brought back the memories of 2012 and 2017.

2y ago
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