Column by Mahfuz Anam: Has BNP served its supporters well?

The BNP failed to reap anything effective from the huge public support that it was able to garner late last year.

3d ago

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Is Awami League heading towards a Pyrrhic victory?

What image of our legal system are we presenting to the world?

1w ago

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Israel’s ‘right to self-defence’ and the Palestinians’ fate to be slaughtered

The West's global standing is being corroded by Israel’s flagrant violation of each and every international law in its crackdown in Gaza.

3w ago

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Towards a 'free and fair' election, indeed

What is going on right now is election engineering, not preparation for a free and fair election.

Column by Mahfuz Anam: 30 years of leading The Daily Star

However bright our past may be, there is an urgent need to further strengthen public confidence in journalism.

Column by Mahfuz Anam: West’s moral standing and the slaughter of Palestinians

Hasn't the world already been a witness to the massacre that has been taking place in Gaza over the past several weeks?

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Poisoned rhetoric and public concerns

With only a few months left till the election, we still have no idea what AL’s and BNP’s manifestos will reveal

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Our new CJ Obaidul Hassan's call to fight graft is urgent, crucial and enthusing

We congratulate the chief justice for his forthright identification of one of the main issues of concern for Bangladesh’s future: corruption.

Column by Mahfuz Anam: DSA to CSA, a sham of a reform

Journalists’ fate is again being determined in the dark.

Column by Mahfuz Anam: ‘Gladiatorial’ street contests and prospects of fair elections

National election Bangladesh: As the election is getting nearer, the possibility of a nightmarish pre-election period is driving fear and panic among the people.

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Vienna Convention and the relationship with our development partners

When does the demand for a democratic election become an interference in our internal affairs, and when is it a reinforcement of the policy declared by the head of the government?

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Our political culture – you reap what you sow

Our people, but for whose hard work, sacrifice, and love for the country we would not have come where we have, deserve better.

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Need for a change in our political culture

BNP to some extent and AL to a far greater extent have changed Bangladesh. Can’t we expect them to change themselves, even a bit?

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Politics at crossroads

The prospect of a free and fair election is still eluding us.

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Free and fair elections for our sake, not because of US visa policy

The truth is, we have made a shambles of our elections and have weakened most of the accountability structures.

Column by Mahfuz Anam: The middle income ‘intellectual’ trap

The intellectual trap refers to a country’s policymakers’ inability to ensure crucial intellectual freedom.

Column by Mahfuz Anam: DSA was legislated ignoring journalists

And it is being amended in the same way.

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