Campus Survival

Campus Survival

Education in the time of a pandemic

Classes are being taken online; homework is being delivered through online platforms, refrigerators are the new blackboard and home is the new classroom.


It is a fact well known that the night before the exam is the most important for a university student.

Campus Survival / Study Clans

So this one time my maths teacher at university told us that 1+1>2 when it comes to group studies.

Campus Survival / "Get A Library Card"

Getting a library card is not as difficult as it sounds.

The Hunger Games

When you have classes the whole day, you need to eat. Breakfast, lunch or snack, after spending a few weeks trying out all the food in the cafeteria, you'll get sick of it.

CAMPUS SURVIVAL / Mama in Your Pocket

It's always a good idea to have a good liaison with the support staff of the university.

Campus Survival / The Faculty's Office

Sometimes in class, there are things that you don't understand properly.

Campus Survival / I Lost My ID Card

Lost your university ID card for the first time? Congratulations, you are now initiated into the real campus life problems.