Fast X: An unapologetically over the top action movie that doesn’t shy away from having fun

Fast X is the newest and penultimate addition to a long-stretched-out franchise that has evolved from illegal street racing to high stake heists and now to saving the world in the most bizarre and idiosyncratic circumstances. The movie still remains a staple of the Fast Saga with over-the-top physics-defying action, but it is also a return to form for the franchise's former automotive-associated glory.

The premise of the movie is very similar to its predecessor. Dante Reyes, the son of Fast Five's big baddie Hernan Reyes, is the main antagonist of the film. He is motivated to take revenge against Dominic Toretto by destroying the family he has built over the years, and it is up to Dom and his crew to stop him and save the world from his crazy maniacal schemes in the process.

Story-wise, the movie lacks depth and has plenty of plotholes. A lot of cuts are made jumping from one exotic location to another without any profound reason. There are plenty of not so significant sub scenarios occurring concurrently just to keep the massive cast within the loop of the story. The dialogues and quips are plain and dry without much thought put into them, and like any movie from the Fast Saga, there is an abundance of back-to-back action sequences which are very difficult to justify logically.

But when you take off the critic hat and stop questioning every decision made, you can take in all the madness in its full glory and appreciate the sheer scale of the action and sci-fi overload. 

The movie attempts to overwhelm the audience with fanservice using fast cars, high-tech gizmos, guns and explosions, and good old-fashioned adrenaline-rushing brawls, and it kind of works. It also helps that considerably more actual car chase scenes were added to the film compared to its precursors.

Too many cooks can often spoil the broth, but the mammoth cast of A-list celebrities gel together nicely, having a good time in general. The new additions in Alan Ritchson and Brie Larson are pretty solid, but Jason Momoa as Dante steals the show. His character is a mix of Captain Jack Sparrow and the Joker. He is flamboyant and goofy but also seemingly unpredictable. Vin Diesel still acts as the stern family leader which is getting a bit overplayed by now, but after Paul Walker's demise, this role has become his staple disposition.

Fast X can be easily classified as yet another action blockbuster with very little thought put into the actual script. But the fast franchise has made a name for itself over the years for being a dumb fun guilty pleasure for everyone to enjoy. The movie is flawed in many ways, but it manages to reinvigorate some of the charms of the previous instalments. 

Despite being so exaggerated, Fast X is fun in its flawed state, and the studio embracing the overblown nature of these movies makes it somewhat endearing. This movie is intended to bring closure to the franchise, with a sequel set to release in a couple of years which will pick up from the ending of Fast X.


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