Overused Movie Plots

Courtesy of being a millennial, movies of all eras and genres are just a click away for us. The one thing I am certain about is that movies today lack a certain freshness and that filmmakers today suffer from an acute case of plagiarism.

If copying others isn't bad enough, they don't shy away from shamelessly self-referencing either. 

Filmmakers are just so out of ideas that they keep making the same films over and over again. ORIGINALITY, WHERE ART THOU? Almost every movie is made up of a collection of rehashed plotlines like the ones mentioned below.

HIGH SCHOOL AKA PROJECT RUNWAY: In the heart of high school candy-land there seems to be only two purposes of their fellow students: Flaunting their designer wardrobes and desperately looking for "The One". The One who can accompany them to the prom, the One they can chirpily gush about to their dim gang, the One they can tout as the biggest achievement in their lives since having a boyfriend/girlfriend is obviously the most important thing in the world. Because worrying about SAT and college is just way too mainstream.

OPPOSITES ATTRACT: Two people who have nothing in common just happen to fall for one another. A beautiful, rich girl who has no other talents and the guy she ends up with is almost always a hapless loser pining for her from the start of evolution. Or a perfect dreamy jock – hip, rich, cool, Ivy League material (i.e. a unicorn) – always has to rescue a damsel in distress, a quirky nerd trapped in grandma's clothes.

THE MISERABLE, UNPOPULAR GIRL PROTAGONIST: We've only watched movies or read books about a Cady Heron, not a Regina George. The girl protagonist must always be a loner, a Plain Jane and most definitely a nun – an ideal, illusory being who can do no wrong. It's rare to find a protagonist who is Regina George.

THE MAKEOVER: As a staple of teen films, the unattractive character has to be given a makeover to be accepted by society and the one she desires (beauty is only skin deep after all). Generally, this makeover only involves removing the gawky character's glasses and putting her hair down. Such makeover much wow.

STALKING IS OKAY: Following a girl until she gives up and marries you is probably the sole purpose of every roadside Romeo out there. Guys forcing themselves on girls is glorified as an act of admiration, harassment is mistaken as love – thanks to such movies. Because girls calling a cop, and standing up for themselves is just too much fuss.

THE UNDAUNTED WALK:  Action films are almost always over the top. Something always explodes, and the protagonist doesn't care about burning from excessive heat, or even potentially losing their hearing. They just casually walk away from the blast, cool as a cucumber.

LOVE WITHOUT CANCER, WHAT?: It all started with Erich Segal's Love Story and the rest they say is history. No romance is complete now without at least one of the characters diagnosed with cancer because love, rejection, complication are otherwise not as relatable.

OBSESSION WITH HAPPILY EVER AFTERS: No matter what, the supreme power of love overcomes all personal differences, hopeless friends, nasty exes and irrational misunderstandings. The couple fights everyone, run away, kiss and confirm their undying affection for each other.

The End. *sobs*

Rafidah Rahman is a teeny-tiny Hulk, she's always angry and she's always hungry. A cynical dreamer and a food enthusiast, she's your everyday entertainment. Correspond with her at rafidahrahman93@gmail,com  or https://web.facebook.com/rafidah.rahman.39 


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