Reader Submission / The diary of an inflation-hit newlywed in Dhaka

Acquiring the basic necessities was definitely easier in the past.

Reader Submission / How YouTube became a teacher to a sceptic like me

My predominant scepticism comes from how YouTube works.

READER SUBMISSION / Letter to University Freshmen

September is rearing its head around the corner again, and for those fresh-faced high school graduates, it means university is finally about to start.

READER SUBMISSION / Fun ways to learn a language - All from the comforts of your home

“Language courses are so expensive and complicated,” said the guy from the 1940s.

In the world of Tsundoku

I came across the word “Tsundoku” in the Facebook group Litmosphere. I've recently formed a habit of buying new books, leaving them unread, and then buying some more. From my regular encounter with them (me starting at them on the shelf and them staring back at me hard) the piled up books seem old after a while.

READER SUBMISSION / The struggles of being a bookstagrammer

I have been a book lover since childhood and I found various ways to spread the joy of reading. Now as a teenager, I have access to social media, which has not only broadened my horizon as a reader but also as a “bookstagrammer”.

READER SUBMISSION / When parents have control over the car music

The music system of the car becomes our best friend when we hop in for a journey. Latest music and the kick of the beats make a journey more exhilarating.

READER SUBMISSION / Making time for reading books

Everything comes down to what you will.

How all of us are Perry the Platypus

Remember Perry? Perry the Platypus? Yep, I'm talking about the oh-so-amazing mammal from Phineas and Ferb whose successful missions against Doofenshmirtz foiled the plans of Candace to show mom what the boys did.


Roses be black,


One can possibly say that I am transfixed at the beauty of nature. Sure my eyes relish every inch of the scenic surrounding before me


The poetry you wrote continued to pile up in your scribbled notebook, never to be read.

I'll Sing for You

For Raiyan, his regular day at university would be trudging through classes, completing assignments he didn't even half remember doing or just plainly bunking his routine completely. The only place he loved was the library.


Sunshine and wake me up

Love's Freed Slaves

Hell has visitors. I have been told


In this world where every man wore a mask,


He pressed the numbers in, adding, subtracting and writing the result – seeing a surplus, he smiled. This month brought in more than the last, and the figures had been growing for some time now.


Codemasters' latest edition of the acclaimed F1 series, F1 2016 has been a giant leap forward compared to the previous installments.