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Plant Easy organises “Plantifying Schools” at Shishu Kallyan Primary School

Shishu Kallyan Primary School bore witness to the "Plantifying Schools: Chapter 1" initiative on October 17, which emerged as a ray of hope for the child labourers and underserved students of the school. The event was organised to encompass an interactive and engaging experience, community engagement, insightful surveys, a platform for green products, and vocational training.

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A university student’s guide to time management

The best way to manage time, therefore, is to simply stop letting ourselves become distracted for hours on end. And yes, this does mean that watching one extra productivity hack video on YouTube will be detrimental to this journey.

What is hobby fatigue and how to deal with it

Burnout, in general, is usually caused by high amounts of stress or overworking. To recover from such burnout, you need to relax and take some time off.

Teachers’ Day, 2023 / Haileybury Bhaluka – a unique educational experience

Haileybury Bhaluka is a premier international boarding school, providing boys aged between 11 and 18 years with an exceptional English educational experience. The institution in Bangladesh is affiliated to Haileybury College UK and boasts an 850-acre campus situated in the beautiful rural setting of Bhaluka, 75 kilometres north of Dhaka, in Mymensingh. 

PPECCC Dhaka 2023 explores climate change as an opportunity for investment and employment

On September 23, the Preserve Planet Earth Climate Change Conference (PPECCC) took place, signifying the inaugural event in a planned series of conferences that will take place in major cities worldwide.

Leisure time is not wasted time

We need to stop denigrating leisure as a waste of time or something to feel guilty about.

Bangladeshi activists join Global Climate Strike

The climate strike was held in Bangladesh is a part of the Global Climate Strike organised by Fridays for Future.

Making the jump from O level to A level

It only takes a few weeks into A levels for students to realise the stark difference between O and A levels.

Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park becomes Bangladesh's first free Bangla book reading destination

On September 9, Grow Your Reader Foundation (GYRF) celebrated a significant milestone with the inauguration of two new Book Garages in collaboration with Goofi at the Justice Shahbuddin Ahmed Park, Gulshan. 

How independent learning can enhance the academic performance of university students

Independent learners can tailor their own pace and schedule of learning outside the classroom to work on their shortcomings. 

Internships can help high school students prepare for a brighter future

Although internship opportunities available to high-school students might be hard to stumble upon, they are certainly available.

Concert organisers need to do better

Managing sales and picking out the right venue is crucial if Dhaka is headed down the road of indoor concerts.

What to pack when commuting on a bicycle to class

Commuting with a bicycle to classes has become a viable alternative for many students.

Why daycares are important for working parents

Despite the growing need, the number of quality daycare centres is still relatively low in the country.

5 YouTube channels to help you prepare for the SAT

Five of the best YouTube channels to help you prepare for the SATs.

Restrictive upscale areas in Dhaka make commuting a nightmare for students

We, who are meant to grow up and eventually inherit the city, deserve better treatment.

Dangers of obsessing over prestigious universities

While there’s nothing wrong with aiming high and being ambitious, it’s important that those ambitions be our own.

Not fitting into any category at university

This is all normal when you have friends from all corners of the university.

The flawed perception of discipline in Bangladeshi education institutions

“Disciplining a student” stands as an intimidating expression for chiselling them into a common form as they chip away at all that makes them special.

5 YouTube channels to learn mobile app development

Check out these five well-curated YouTube channels that will help you build your first mobile application.

The bittersweet experience of planning your school’s senior week

The memories you take back with you will be worth it.

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