Dhaka Elevated Expressway

Dhaka Elevated Expressway

Dhaka’s Expressway Dream Comes True

When the World Bank released an analysis of Dhaka city's traffic conditions in 2017, the total number of registered vehicles was 11.82 lakh.

A boon to business and economy

A massive transformation is set to occur in the transportation of goods and passengers with the opening of the country's first elevated expressway in Dhaka. Economists and businesses have said that this mega-infrastructure project will significantly reduce both the time and cost of doing business.

“The Dhaka Elevated Expressway introduces a unique feature with its ramps and main structure built adjacent to the road”

The Daily Star (TDS): How does the strategic vision behind the Dhaka Elevated Expressway project align with the broader goals of improving public transport and mitigating congestion in the city?

'Managing ramp connections is pivotal to mitigate traffic congestion'

The Daily Star (TDS):How will the introduction of the elevated expressway impact the urban living experience in Dhaka?

“Over 80,000 vehicles will be able to use the expressway daily once the entire expressway is opened to traffic next year.”

Bangladesh’s first elevated expressway is going to be partially opened on September 2, 2023. Bhaskon Khannabha, the managing director of First Dhaka Elevated Expressway Company Ltd,

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