Private Universities Shaping Bangladesh's Future

Private Universities Shaping Bangladesh's Future

Walk the Talk

The founder of BRAC University Sir Fazle Hasan Abed wanted to create a reputed university to educate future leaders who would contribute to the national and global sustainable development agendas.

Emerging Fields of Study: New Subjects Offered by Private Universities in Bangladesh

The private University scene in Bangladesh has seen an incredible change since its days of commencement in the 1990s.

A glimpse into the vibrant university clubs in Bangladesh

For most students, their university clubs are a safe space they turn to for guidance and support, a place that nurtures their interests and provides them with various opportunities to explore their passions,

Nurturing Dreams / How Private Universities Propel Students towards Successful Careers

In today’s ever-evolving world, the pursuit of higher education has become a cornerstone for success and personal growth. While public universities have long been recognized as bastions of knowledge,

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