Who are Bengalis?

A chronicle of race science in Bengal

A new digital font brings back the letterpress typeface of old Bangla books

The font can be installed on and used with Kindle without breaking juktakkhor apart.

Remembering the Bangla language movement through literature

Hasan Hafizur Rahman's 'Ekushey February' created huge turmoil and faced police persecution.

POETRY / The native lores know

Language trickles down the routes that blood took through Time. They say it’s a linear path, and yet I, a reluctant servant to the wiles of Time, find myself laid out in loops and slopes.

#Perspective / How nursery rhymes affected my childhood

As an adult, I know that nursery rhymes are meant to be magical; its logic and aesthetics built in such a way that it resists the traditional way logic seeks to present itself.

Top 7 places to try Bengali cuisine in Dhaka

The city of Dhaka caters to different palates, providing a wide range of choices for everyone. However, despite the flurry of foreign options, a Bengali heart sometimes craves the taste of deshi cuisine. Thus, we took a tour around the city in search of the best places offering Bangali food, and here are our top 7 picks.

A taste of Hello Dhaka

Occupying a space that is big enough for a typical family-style restaurant in Dhaka, this diner is located in the midst of crowded inlets going into commercial spaces and convenience stores, a true hive of activity in the heart of Gulshan 1.

Must-try hilsa recipes

The season for delectable hilsa is back. For your dinning pleasure, we present two of the most popular dishes made from hilsa. Bhorta, the simpler of the two, is easy on the palate.

Facebook blocks Suman after JNU row song

Indian former Trinamool Congress MP Kabir Suman on Friday claimed he was blocked by Facebook after he had posted a song that he had written in support of the JNU agitation, reports The Indian Express today.

May 27, 2015
May 27, 2015

India gets first transgender college principal

India, probably the world, will get its first transgender college principal when Manabi Bandopadhyay takes charge of Krishnagar Women's College in West Bengal on June 9, reports The Times of India.

February 21, 2015
February 21, 2015

Nation paying homage to language martyrs

The nation is paying glowing tribute to the Language Movement martyrs, who laid down their lives for the mother tongue in 1952, amid countrywide ongoing blockade

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