The future is female, but so was the past

Women in indigenous, prehistoric, and precolonial societies, across all continents, were actually in positions of power and privilege

For peace, freedom, and memorialisation

Stories of resilience and heroism against patriarchy

The hidden impact of patrilocality

At the core of a patrilocal society lies the notion of women occupying a lower status than men.

Opinion / Living a feminist killjoy life

The way we perceive the word “emotion” through the gendered lens contributes to systematic oppression because it dismisses those who fall under the umbrella of the emotional radar and it is easier to silence their voices as emotional beings because they are often, according to the patriarchal society, deemed as unstable, illogical, or disoriented.

Assaulted for playing football

What do such attacks say about women's status in Bangladesh?

POETRY / Women’s revolution

The theocracy is crumbling in its seat

No safe space for girls

What greases the wheels on this vicious cycle?

Refreshing inclusion of gender diversity and sensitivity in trial textbook

Learning about gender rights, intersectionality and equality is an important part of education

Address sexual abuse at educational institutions

Education authorities must abide by HC verdict on sexual harassment cells without any delay

August 10, 2022
August 10, 2022

Is harassing students a disciplinary method at universities now?

The apathy towards ending sexual harassment on campus is a symptom of wider institutional control.

August 4, 2022
August 4, 2022

What the 'Woke' Left and the Alt-Right Share

Western political correctness (“wokeness”) has displaced class struggle, producing a liberal elite that claims to protect threatened racial and sexual minorities in order to divert attention from its members’ own economic and political power. At the same time, this lie allows alt-right populists to present themselves as defenders of “real” people against corporate and “deep state” elites, even though they, too, occupy positions at the commanding heights of economic and political power.

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