Browser extensions to enhance your ChatGPT experience

ChatGPT Google Chrome browser extensions
Despite the many different ways in which ChatGPT can be utilised, there are some browser extensions you can use to get more out of the AI language model.

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm since its introduction about five months ago. Currently, its use extends to generating marketing pitches, advertisements and professional emails to even writing in-depth articles and comprehensive books. Despite the nearly infinite ways in which this AI language model can be used, there are still some ways you can get more out of it. Here are our picks of some Google Chrome browser extensions you can try out to enhance your ChatGPT experience.


If you're looking to use ChatGPT to generate sales pitches or marketing ideas, this is a browser extension you should try out. Once installed, whenever you load up ChatGPT on your browser, AIPRM will show a list of user-generated prompts that you can use to process requests more easily on ChatGPT. Once you click on a prompt, all you need to do is type out keywords of your choice to get the AI running. Some examples of pre-generated templates you can find using AIPRM are: writing a complete book in one click, keyword generator for marketing strategies, SEO optimised 'human-written' article, YouTube script creator, etc. 


Tired of opening ChatGPT every time you want to process a request? Merlin is an easy-to-use extension that allows you to easily use ChatGPT on almost any website you visit. After you install the extension and sign up using the same account you use ChatGPT with, press Ctrl + M on your keyboard to make the Merlin web assistant pop up. From there, you can give it a request and it will generate text straight from ChatGPT. The extension is especially helpful when using Gmail, as it has adjustable features to add keywords, add a professional tone, and mention other users when crafting emails. To note, however, the free version of this extension currently supports 31 queries per day.


As an AI language model, ChatGPT will lack real-time access to recent events and happenings. With WebChatGPT, you can integrate search results into the AI and make it generate comprehensive queries based on them. For example, if you type 'What is the latest news on Twitter?', ChatGPT will be unable to give you anything substantial. With WebChatGPT enabled, you will find the top three search results of the current date, and based on those results, ChatGPT will generate new answers for you. WebChatGPT also allows you to freely edit which websites to search results for and from which date and region, making it a fun and useful extension for the AI text generator.


Tired of reading long, winding text page after page? ReaderGPT, an extension that runs using ChatGPT, quickly summarises any article or web page you come across into easy, digestible bullet points. After installing the extension, all you need to do is click on the extension icon - and without any copy/pasting required, ReaderGPT with use ChatGPT to compress the text and show you only the important points you need to know. This is especially effective during academic research or finding proper references for a subject, as it saves up time on excessive or heavy reading.


Ever had an especially engaging conversation with ChatGPT and wanted to share with someone else? Instead of screenshotting specific parts of the conversation, you can use the ShareGPT extension to click on the 'Share' button and instantly generate a permanent link to the entire conversation you just had. You can then just copy-paste the link and share it with anyone to show off the specific conversation. ShareGPT also supports any images, videos or codes that ChatGPT may share with you, and is especially helpful if you're working on ChatGPT in a group or with team members.


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