Uber launches air balloon service in Turkey

Uber, the international ride-sharing platform, has recently launched an air balloon ride service in Cappadocia, Turkey. As per Uber, the new service will be available in Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage Göreme National Park, with riders being able to book balloon trips in advance using the Uber app.

BMW shifts focus to 'Neue Klasse' to compete with Tesla

BMW is revisiting its historical innovation, the "Neue Klasse," this time as an all-electric offering.

Meet Cruise, the self-driving ride-sharing service

Cruise, a California-based automobile company, has released a unique 'self-driving' ride-sharing service to passengers in San Francisco and some parts of Austin and Phoenix, US. These driverless, fully electric cars do not require the input of a human driver and have recently received permission to operate 24/7 across the city, barring freeways.

Shift / Lamborghini goes electric: Meet the new Lamborghini Lanzador EV

Lamborghini has unveiled the Lanzador, an electric vehicle described as an 'Ultra-GT' at Monterey Car Week.

SHIFT / Toyota unveiled the new Land Cruiser

Toyota has revealed the latest addition to its lineup, the Land Cruiser "250" Series, set to launch in Japan during the first half of 2024.

2023 McLaren Artura: Revolutionising performance cars

The McLaren Artura boasts a design language that is both captivating and aerodynamically optimised.

Lewis Hamilton breaks record in Formula One racing

Lewis Hamilton, a British-born Formula One driver representing Mercedes, has recently broken the record for obtaining the most poles in a single circuit. 

Shift / Conquering the wild: 10 classic off-road vehicles

When it comes to venturing off the beaten path and conquering the untamed wilderness, there are a select few classic off-road vehicles that have stood the test of time. These rugged machines have paved the way for modern-day adventurers, combining legendary performance, iconic design, and unmatched capability.

Reeves Callaway, legendary Corvette builder, passes away

Reeves Callaway, the visionary founder of Callaway Cars and a legendary figure within the Corvette community, has sadly passed away at the age of 75. Callaway Cars confirmed his untimely demise, revealing that he succumbed to injuries sustained in a tragic fall at his residence in Newport Beach, California. A pioneer known for pushing the boundaries of performance engineering, Reeves Callaway leaves behind a remarkable legacy that forever altered the landscape of high-performance automobiles.

Here's why Electric Vehicles are better for the environment

One of the most compelling reasons why electric vehicles are better for the environment is their significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions compared to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

The 2024 Acura Integra Type S: The luxurious Civic Type R

The Acura Integra Type S marks the return of a beloved sports car that captured the hearts of enthusiasts during its initial run. This highly anticipated resurrection promises a fusion of classic design cues, cutting-edge technology, and exhilarating performance.

A complete list of all the cars featured in Fast X

If you love your family and your cars equally, then the latest iteration of the Fast & Furious franchise will not leave you disappointed.

“The Big Sur”

The Big Sur is the latest tribute to the 911 930 with a 450 Horsepower 4.0-litre air-cooled flat six-boxer engine paired with a 5-speed gated manual.

Glow up season: 2022 Honda Civic review

The new Honda Civic for 2022 is out, welcoming the 11th generation on their lineup which could almost be taken for an Accord;

Nissan reviving the GT-R

After 11 years, Nissan is still beating a dead horse with the outgoing GT-R, their premier flagship supercar once known for killing supercars, sort of like OnePlus. Nissan seemed to have mimicked OnePlus’ rise and fall (it’s the other way around actually).

The French revolution

Necessity indeed is the mother of all inventions, and the Renault 5 Turbo. Renault had to annoyingly road legalise the R5 Turbo in order to homologate the gravel going, rally racing variant in order to play with the other kids over in FIA group 3 and 4 rally racing (let me save you the recap, Quattro turned out to be a bully).

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