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ESSAY / We still dream of the things that Sultana dreamed of

As long as the problems addressed in Sultana’s Dream continue to exist and be relevant, we must uphold Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain’s work, values, and ideologies

6h ago

ESSAY / Ludic space for Tagore’s fictive children

An interesting concern in contemporary children’s literature criticism is the discussion of power. Do the fictive children in children’s books, conceived and delivered by the adult author, have the ability to exercise their will and possess a voice?

17h ago

POETRY / Soldier amidst the blood moon: An elegy

Crimson blood splattered amongst the ravaged lands

17h ago


What makes You a boy, me a girl; Me a popper, you an Earl?

17h ago

FICTION / The pond

She walked, entranced, into the water until it reached her chin, the wing of her little pink butterfly stuck out like a shark fin.

1d ago


Oh that angelic call, yet I cannot respond. I cannot open my mouth in fear of the burning pain overpowering my senses.

5d ago

The Screaming Shorts / Hunt

Talespeople presents The Screaming Shorts, partnered with Daily Star Books and Star Literature.

5d ago

CREATIVE NONFICTION / Baldwin in December

Baldwin was sitting right beside, smoking, killing time, thinking of love and loneliness, friendships and misfortunes. Of Martin and Malcolm.

6d ago

The Screaming Shorts / Séance In The 70's

Talespeople presents The Screaming Shorts, partnered with Daily Star Books and Star Literature

FICTION / 121/B, East Basabo

After my death, Nana sent a notice of eviction to all the tenants.

Poetry / We’re still alive

We’re still alive/ but they wanted to die a natural death


My mother took me on her horse and started to ride south. I clutched my bleeding arm, the pain snapping me fully awake.

2w ago

The cabin

If you're Red-marked, you may be forever scarred.

2w ago

My scarlet incarnation

Being a woman comes to me naturally If not me, then who? I was never asked to be one I was never asked to cook

3w ago

The progressive depiction of women in ‘Devdas’

In some ways, Sharatchandra places the blame for Devdas's ensuing sorrow on his lack of courage, made all the more noticeable in comparison to Parbati's courage in breaking social norms despite the dire consequences it could have for her.

3w ago

The Black Cat

This is a translation by Md. Abu Zafor of Bimal Guha’s “Kalo Biral” from the collection ‘E Kon Matal Nritya' (first published in 2022).

3w ago


Time to set sail for a new cruise, oh dear voyager Sindbad!

3w ago

A pressed flower

Pressed between pages Of a heavy book, a rose-– Neither flourishes nor wilts.

4w ago

How to write a love song

500 years ago, Edmund Spenser wrote a poem to celebrate a wedding taking place beside the River Thames. Each stanza ends with the refrain: “Sweet Thames, run softly till I end my song”.

4w ago

Small dreams

On the heart of a place where heather blossoms, Dreams of scattered bodies and burnt heath Against the walls where children live

4w ago

The odyssey of a man

A story of an ordinary man and his very ordinary journey.

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