Surf’s up! / Younus Ali’s dream of conquering the Californian waves

I could tell that his dream is not a dream per se, but an event that only requires time to come true.

1w ago

‘Ballots, not bullets, for Palestine’

Lt General Jebril Alrjoub, general secretary of the Palestinian National Movement FATEH, speaks to The Daily Star.

2w ago

‘Border killings rooted in discrimination against the marginalised’

Kirity Roy, secretary of Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha (MASUM), a rights organisation based in West Bengal, India, discusses the underlying issues behind border killings at the Bangladesh-India border, in an exclusive interview with Naimul Alam Alvi of The Daily Star.

2w ago

'A fire-proof future depends on total enforcement of regulations'

Dr Tanvir Manzur, professor of civil engineering at Buet, talks about the importance of adhering to the building code to prevent fire incidents.

3w ago

53 Years of Bangladesh's Independence / 'The Liberation War became a centre of big power rivalry'

Veteran diplomat M Humayun Kabir discusses the geopolitical history of Bangladesh's Liberation War in an exlcusive interview.

3w ago

Ten years delay in oil-gas exploration a testament to short-sightedness and ineptitude

Bangladesh’s gas cannot be exported—this must be a properly documented red-line condition.

'High dependence on imported fossil fuels bringing trouble'

"The high dependence on imported fossil fuels has significantly impacted our energy system."

'Deeper analysis of internal dynamics within supply chains is crucial'

Hossain Zillur Rahman discusses the nuances of inflation in Bangladesh with The Daily Star.

‘Violence against women is a violation of human rights’

Our society still considers violence against women to be a women's issue and holds the view that only women should talk about it or protest it.

‘A violent crackdown during elections does not inspire voter confidence’

The human rights situation in Bangladesh is extremely concerning due to the nation’s steady slide towards authoritarianism.

'China, India can't replace our export market to the US, EU'

M Touhid Hossain, former foreign secretary of Bangladesh, discusses the implications and significance of the recent US labour rights policy with The Daily Star.

'Why don't RMG owners pressurise buyers instead of workers?'

Despite the five-year minimum wage review cycle, there seems to be no preparation on the factory owners’ end

'China never exerts pressure on any other country, but believes in diplomacy and dialogue'

China is committed to opening up and translating its immense market into profitable opportunities for the world, including for Bangladesh.

“Our studies helped countless people all over the world”

Polio eradication will require an eventual cessation of all traditional OPVs.

'US visa policy alone cannot ensure fair election'

The US position with respect to a fair election is somewhat a reflection of the aspirations of the Bangladeshi people.

Air pollution is not for only one authority to tackle

Md Ziaul Haque, the director of Air Quality Management at the Department of Environment, talks with Naznin Tithi of The Daily Star about the factors behind severe air pollution in the country and why concerted efforts are needed from all ministries and government agencies concerned to fight it.

‘Bangladesh should prioritise its national interests above all’

BIPSS President Maj Gen (retd) ANM Muniruzzaman in an exclusive interview with The Daily Star.

‘NHRC can’t directly investigate cases involving law enforcers’

NHRC Chairman Dr Kamal Uddin Ahmed talks about how the commission has dealt with the cases of enforced disappearance.

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