RMG Protests / A tale of the Green versus the Red

The RMG sector needs to be united in being professional, go forward with value addition and, most of all, opt for strong industrial relations with labour.

3w ago

Politics of Fire

Let the truth be known: no one has any idea what’s going to happen to Bangladeshi politics.

Free pages, free lenses

There’s a reason why, in the land that we live on, 217 journalists have reportedly been harassed, tortured and repressed in the last nine months and why one even died.

Life after #GotaGoHome

Among four South Asian nations, Sri Lanka performed the best in containing high inflation.

“Book down,” indeed!

After all, with the atmosphere heating up, we will indeed need an army of well-built students to be ready as “kormis” of parties, in order to become our sacrificial goats at their altar.

The art of breathing

How do the monks on ice live magically and produce wonders through detachment from worldly angst?

Obituary of Truth

Truth recently decided to die an inglorious death as it got tired of watching rulers leading their nations with lies.

Aabha Limited: The ray of inclusion and empowerment

How do the lives of the underserved women change and who can potentially come forward and become a part of their story?

Lounge #2: A Narrative of Pride

Close to midnight, it felt surreal. Being in the Samsun Airport in Turkey, only 1.5 flying hours away from Istanbul, made me feel as if I were in a new world. It wasn't a world of magical surprise or rapid development, but one thing was for sure: it was a land that told and sold stories well.

Here, Now & Forever

I laugh when the western media goes on a rant about us, the eastern democracy, the eastern economy and the eastern human rights condition.

Labour of Love

Ever since 1996, your columnist has been in business. She runs a company that has multiple businesses which once grew from one core business of exporting readymade garments years ago.

In honour of education

Half an hour away from home, the air smells the same; the people seem similar, but there's definitely a lack of ostentation. One does not drive through streets of Kolkata in the latest cars; the roads are still swamped with yellow taxis and a touch of Uber and Ola has changed the scene only a bit.

From Cambodia, with love

Education indeed. Getting to Phnom Penh took me to yet another learning curve. Not being able to fly out of Dhaka for almost close to 18 hours is a story to share, but getting de-planed and watching passengers reacting to the situation is another narrative altogether.

Our 'one-in-a-million' man

Every time a tragedy makes an unannounced entry, our lives turn into a pile of grieving memories. Once struck by loss, one moves on to a totally different plane where laughter is almost immediately followed by a fear of an unknown tomorrow.

TREXIT: A departure from truth?

The wars that we wage within and beyond our own borders kill us. Yet, we seem to be perpetually living in a state of war where hate speeches flood the internet, trade wars cause the economy to slow down, borders cause tension and perception becomes the truth.

Perhaps Platform S?

When Accord and Alliance came to town, the brands and retailers had offered assurance of business continuity and were paying for the audits and assessments.

Missing – Privacy, Reality, Truth and Art

Your columnist was in a private conversation with her daughter stressing on the need of a new oven.

The rules of a shout and the dangers of a murmur

In a world where Martin Luther King was declared as “the most dangerous hero” by the FBI two days after his “I Have a Dream” speech, in a world where Muslims are often viewed as perpetually guilty, in a world where journalists are jailed for doing their job, in a world where the US government can spy on journalists using...

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