SATIRE / This election year, why not opt for rose-tinted glasses?

Journalists are a bitter lot and are out to be killjoys of any party, especially the ruling one.

Why we can’t get enough of aliens

In the US, an alien is not just an extraterrestrial; it could simply mean someone from a foreign country.

Are we becoming a selfish, uncaring society?

Shemi’s ordeal proves that the ridiculously glamourised notion of the family being the guaranteed support system in drama series and films is grossly overstated.

The unbearable smugness of AI

My phone thinks it knows me better than I know myself – how preposterous! Or is it?

Why people want to leave Bangladesh

There are a litany of issues that make the lives of ordinary citizens difficult.

Why I’m a fan of Ananta Jalil

But not because of the logic-defying stunts in AJ's latest movie venture, Din: The Day. It's because of Ananta Jalil, the human being.

Can AI solve the insanity of Dhaka’s traffic?

Before jumping into the realm of artificial intelligence, we should start with some old-fashioned “common sense”

In the game of big bucks, don’t be small fry

If you are ready to launder ill-gotten wealth, make sure it is in the thousands of crores – a few hundred crores is embarrassingly measly in this game of big bucks.

From an incorrigible New Year enthusiast

Let’s think of some out-of-the-box ways to tackle even the most formidable of problems.

What will it take to be Smart Bangladesh?

What more will we achieve through being 'smart'?

AL's strategy of intimidation may no longer be working

So far, whatever the ruling party has been doing is going in favour of the BNP. 

How women's secondary status encourages violence

The value of a female is largely determined by what she can offer to her family and society

Besides the PK Halder saga

Food prices have been keeping us awake at night, making some of us seriously rethink our diets.

Being a non-VIP at Dhaka airport is no fun

The adviser to the prime minister on private industry and investment, Salman F Rahman, recently expressed his dissatisfaction about the way our airport in Dhaka has been handling passengers, referring to allegations of staff members taking bribes and harassing them.

Who will speak for the George Floyds of Bangladesh?

In the US, being Black or just a person of colour is enough to get one killed or arrested by a cop, merely for being at the wrong place at the wrong time—or even the right place at the right time.

Can traffic get any worse than this? Yes, it can.

Why is it that, no matter how many times we have experienced something unpleasant, we continue to do the exact same things we did before, expecting a different outcome?