Is it possible to escape from the seduction of smartphones?

The bug of relentless connectivity to some world or the other has infected us, and there seems to be no cure.

4w ago

World leaders are disconnected from the youth

Student protestors are calling out the double standards of Western powers

1m ago

Kindness gives life its biggest dividends

The history of civilisation has shown that humans survive when they are part of a community.

3m ago

The poor’s debt burden gets heavier

The vicious cycle of taking loans to pay bills and then taking another loan to pay off the first loan may continue throughout their lives, with little or no real improvement in their living standards.

3m ago

Opinion / A glimpse into the crazy, irrational mind of a woman

Women are crazy because they set the bar ridiculously high for themselves, with no thought of self-preservation.

4m ago

How entitled are you?

Entitlement is a bad habit that few of us can escape.

5m ago

When the mind gets foggier than the weather

There is an explanation, however infuriating, to each of the delightful conundrums in public work.

5m ago

Images you cannot unsee

We will remember the faces of the smiling Gazan children and their families in the photos—the faces of people who have been wiped out for no fault of their own.

7m ago

Where do we go from here?

In Dhaka, the designated streets occupied by BNP looked like a battlefield.

8m ago

Attack on Radhapada Roy: When poets cry

The tacit tolerance of bigotry over the years has nurtured ideologies that are diametrically opposite to the founding principles of our nation

9m ago

Tanzim Hasan Sakib is the victim of a sexist culture

Tanzim – who said in a post that men marrying women who are used to “free-mixing at addas” would be depriving their children of a “modest” mother – is a victim of the toxic masculinity prevalent in his surroundings.

9m ago

Are we normalising the humiliation of teachers?

It is a universal value that teachers must be respected; it is the basic premise of learning. It is objectionable because someone has the audacity to ask something so contrary to any civilised society’s value system.

10m ago

Dhaka’s ugly, ruthless side

The story would resonate with many young couples starting out in this ruthless city, where what you earn is nowhere near what you spend, just for the bare minimum.

11m ago

The old political playbook needs a major upgrade

One would be wise to throw away the old playbook and get tips from democracies that provide leaders with the greatest power of all: the true mandate of the people

11m ago

How to deal with compulsive dodgers

There are those among us who take the game of bluffing as a sport or an art form.

11m ago

The global conspiracy – against women

Clearly, deep-rooted biases and stereotypes are at play.

1y ago

This election year, why not opt for rose-tinted glasses?

Journalists are a bitter lot and are out to be killjoys of any party, especially the ruling one.

1y ago

Why we can’t get enough of aliens

In the US, an alien is not just an extraterrestrial; it could simply mean someone from a foreign country.

1y ago
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