Five ways to raise garment worker wages

Advocacy efforts in Bangladesh have been part of the national dialogue centring wages for several decades.

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Why buyers shouldn’t worry about Bangladesh’s unrest

International buyers can rest assured they can place orders here with confidence.

Fashion needs to support suppliers for green transition

If it’s left to garment suppliers, the green transition will take decades.

Is carbon offsetting a good climate solution?

While carbon offsetting has gained momentum and support, it is not without its share of critics.

Rich countries can gain a lot by helping Bangladesh

Climate change is worsening the situation and the financial and humanitarian costs brought by this calamity are racking up.

Time to look into carbon capture and credit

Carbon capture and storage involves capturing CO2 emissions from industrial processes or power plants and storing them underground.

Automation’s role in RMG production remains uncertain

There is no doubt that automation can be both a threat and an opportunity for our garment industry and its workers, depending on how it is implemented and managed.

The circular economy requires nurturing

Governments have the power to promote and support textile recycling initiatives in several ways.

Bangladesh must prepare for shorter production runs

We are not geared for such runs in the same way that some manufacturers in Europe are.

Environmental compliance may weed out smaller garment factories

Will we see an industry which has fewer and larger players?

The complicated issue of paying 'living wages'

Better wages cannot be introduced by any one actor alone.

For the RMG industry, being sustainable is easier said than done

What happens when you have done all that you can, but your emissions continue to go in the wrong direction?

Collaboration is in our collective interest

Without fashion retailers and their suppliers working together, our industry as a whole will continue to see emissions rising.

The economic case for renewable energy

It is time to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels altogether.

There is a way to decarbonise RMG manufacture

How can we reduce CO2 emissions associated with our industry?

Isn't it time we stopped running after the GSP?

I am not ruling out the possibility of Bangladesh being granted a place in the GSP+. I would rather argue that we need to also prepare for a time when we can stand on our own two feet as far as international trade is concerned. To do this, I believe we now need to make faster moves on bilateral Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and also preferential trading agreements (PTAs) with some of our existing trading partners, where we can negotiate mutually gainful benefits and opportunities. It is a new game that our government and businesses must start preparing for.

Talk of banning textile waste raises key questions for Bangladesh

In theory, this sounds like a good idea, but it is not so straightforward.

2022 wasn’t all bad for RMG makers. Here’s why

There is anecdotal evidence that investment is taking place to upgrade operations to meet the demands of international customers.

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