Learning loss from Covid-19: Can a generational threat be averted?

The United Nations has called it the “longest disruption to education in history” worldwide. In Bangladesh, schools remained closed non-stop for 543 days from March 17, 2020 to September 11, 2021.

Public universities and research: In 2022 and beyond

Research is like the cygnet: it grows and transforms with power and beauty. It represents endurance, elegance, promise and joy! (Adapted from a quote on a consumer product)

Tackling corruption for inclusive development

Bangladesh has transformed from a war-ravaged, resource-starved and acutely poverty-stricken least developed country (LDC) at independence in 1971, into a low middle income country by 2015.

Future bright for RMG sector after record year

The future looks bright for Bangladesh’s RMG sector after a period of profound uncertainty due to the global pandemic. The latest apparel export figures show that, despite the coronavirus pandemic and global lockdowns in key markets, Bangladesh set a new record for apparel exports in the 2021 calendar year.

An action agenda for fostering inclusive growth in Bangladesh

Analytically speaking, if economic growth is to be inclusive, it must fulfil three mutually synergetic criteria: it must be sustained and pro-poor; it must ensure equity in resource availability, access to basic social services and income distribution; and it must be accompanied by productive employment.

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