Filmmaking for a global audience

Throughout the last two decades in Bangladesh, there has been a shift in storytelling on screen. Most notably, directors made films that not only initiated conversations in the country, but also made strides on global platforms.

Stand-up comedy: A niche industry with limitless potential

“Bring your work to Naveed’s Comedy Club’s cafe. No charge! Stay as long as you want to. No purchase necessary. We have everything here: a great workspace, WiFi, printers, projectors, whiteboards, even a stage to practice your presentations,” announced ace comedian Naveed Mahbub, in a recent video on social media.

Beyond the boundaries of cricket

Be it with the swing of a bat or the hiss of an arrow as it pierces the wind – sports demands undaunted dedication, strenuous physical fitness, and unparalleled solidarity.

We read more, they sold less

If you’re part of social media’s book-reading community in Bangladesh, you’ll remember the initial slump in and then an outburst of posts on how much people were reading books.

How OTT platforms changed entertainment for good

The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns saw public entertainment across Bangladesh grind to a standstill. With cinema halls, music concerts, plays, and other events closed – and new releases and productions put on hold – audiences flocked to over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

Theatre from Home?

With an objective to redefine the live theatre experience, prominent troupe Spardha has been staging their third production, “Bismaykar Sabkicchu”, at people’s living rooms around the city.

Artistes’ royalties in Bangladesh: Pipe dream or imminent reality?

International artistes have long rallied for proper royalty disbursements, a fight that has been successful in bringing long-term security to their professional and creative lives.

Made in Bangladesh, played in Bangladesh

Musicians in the country, more often the young and emerging ones, have always faced the dilemma of choosing between a quality instrument and an affordable price.

Editor’s Note

Over the past year, we came up with new ways to experience life in a physically distant and virtually close-knit world.