Fable Factory

Love won’t you look at me

Collage of random elements.
Illustration: Abir Hossain

I have lived too long to not be crushed by desire

and self-doubt? It is brought out every time I feel my words pass like the wind.

I have walked this city one hundred years ago, in shoes that won't fit me

anymore, now I speak ten words an hour and I look on in despair

whenever the nights come, you don't read me the way I am meant to.

Does the crowd bother you? The ones made by men and their eyes

and the stone walls, the pillars, and the ceilings. When they collapse

do you finally feel at home? I am not an old soul, I merely see lives unlived. 

My heart/your eyes. There is no need to stay this misery, I am but a passing moment.

Not just, nothing but.

Nothing changes over the centuries, not your gaze, nor that

of the walls around us. Closing in, hold me close now,

don't loosen your gaze upon me. The streets get narrower as we walk.

A wild child passes us at some point, he is the only one who cannot see the walls,

he is coated in the city's dust, he belongs to the starless heavens.

I hope to see you there as well. 


The clickity clackity of a mechanical keyboard is the only thing that brings Raian peace. Find him on IG: @raian_is_burning