The Last Few Fries

The place had no soul or spirit left, and it was evident in the colourless walls, the unclean glasses, the empty eyes of the server who left me a menu card.

Fable Factory / So long, goodbye

As I turned around to reply, she was gone.

Fable Factory / Love will live

Or will you bloom into a new life with me? 

Fable Factory / Storytellers

“It was where people crafted stories, my boy!”

Fable Factory / Concrete sorrow

We grasp on and we hold tight.

Fable Factory / Chander Buri and an insomniac’s drivel

I’d never felt sadder at the prospect of not being a part of someone else’s story.

Death of a novelist

The infallible whiteness of the walls, the omnipresent smell of disinfectants, and the fields of artificial grass come back to me. Swimming before me are visions of smiling children and the legions of overworked childcare professionals constantly at their service. Every blink threatens to permanently relocate me to their world of ceaseless laughter.

Fable Factory / Blurry artwork

It’s God’s funny way of reminding me that all that is received is a gift that is broken.

Droplets of eternity

Dissipated, my thoughts wander finally taking refuge in sleep.

Upside Down world

The sun goes down every day when it’s meant to be

Moony’s Waffle Cart

A familiar voice echoed behind her as she was about to leave.


The wish itself was pretty mediocre and commonplace, a mundane fantasy to escape the mundane.

Curtain call

The curtain rises, silence engulfs the theatre,

You stand here again

You stand where you always have

Blue clay

The blue model of clay vices that sits in a house of glass

First flight of a flightless bird

I pen misery with dark black ink that I draw from a hole inside of my chest

Mason Jar

I stare bleary eyed as my lock screen tells me I have a new message.


The blue never ended here. The lights did not go out either.