Upside Down world

The sun goes down every day when it’s meant to be

Moony’s Waffle Cart

A familiar voice echoed behind her as she was about to leave.

First flight of a flightless bird

I pen misery with dark black ink that I draw from a hole inside of my chest

Three Wishes

It’s never the things that matter.

Fish Tank

This is just another fish tank.

Waiting Room

“This is why I tell you never to go out alone.”

Wondrous Woes

The only thing that disregards - Is that you won’t be there to

The Great Mice Conference

The RAA members have to unleash lawful havoc.


Welcome to the Carnival of Dreams and Memories

An Exotic Encounter

The dark wintry night was descending. The unusual tranquillity was reigning everywhere.

Night of the tangled jilapi

A blur of city lights.

A Dream Away

"Let me tell you a story."

Sparrow Home

Somewhere inside the deep beyond, sits my life-sized, pint-sized sparrow home.