Fable Factory

When Time Stops

Silhouette of a person dissolving as a sand clock progresses.
Illustration: Fatima Jahan Ena

When time stops,

The world cascades into a shade of white.

The wind leaves its trail with undaunted spite,

My heart escapes from a maze with a faulty plight.

And the shadows crawl beneath the shades,

Crashing into our minds like hushed waves.

An aura of distinct demeanor fades;

Away from the bittersweet cage; I run


When time runs,

I wait for the hour to be mistaken.

Exhilarating tendencies lastly awaken,

With the monument of hope morosely shaken.

And the dreams we buy sell more than the truth;

For the lesser the days, the weaker the youth.

Cries of disbelief, nothing left to sooth,

Inside my demise once again, I return


When time crashes and burns,

We get lost in the dimensions of a broken compass,

While the Earth collapses like our uncharted memories,

The skies collide in the unseen terminus;

So, I wait, for the doors of this cage to be opened,

Freedom under the moonlight, unrestricted,

And I wait, for the time to once again be taken:

Then I shall run to the hour that reaches out to us.


I wait, and I wait till there's

Nothing left to wait for;

And I wonder, why, when time stops,

My world searches to find its true purpose.


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