SINGLE REVIEW / An ode to the city life

Hailing from the rooftops of Dhaka, Orfred has been for around 8 years, making music about life, heartbreaks and the rustic beauty of the city-life through indie-rock/urban-folk tunes and lyrical stories.

SINGLE REVIEW / A trap symphony

I am not sure about what all the cool kids are listening to these days, but Muhit K. Chowdhury is someone everyone should be checking out. His most recent single, 'Library Pickup', which was written by Muhit and composed by Muhit and MESSUP, is reminiscent of the many hip-hop/chill-wave tracks you come across on the inter-webs. Its distinct sense of musical style and vocal work, however, gives this song an identity of its own.


Absentia are a young metalcore band from Uttara, Dhaka and they recently released “Super Namek”, the first single from their upcoming EP

SINGLE REVIEW / Amrai Anbo Bijoy: The War Begins

With the ICC Cricket World Cup going on, a group of young musicians have come up with a cricket-themed song, titled “Amrai Anbo Bijoy: The War Begins”.