5 ways to earn up to Tk 1 lakh per month with ChatGPT

Here are 5 ways to earn money using ChatGPT

OpenAI's text-based ChatGPT artificial intelligence model has quickly become extremely popular. With the assistance of several resources, the model has been trained to reply to virtually every form of query. Users from all around the world have been using ChatGPT in previous weeks with a variety of inquiries and posting the answers on social media.

While most of the questions or prompts have been placed for entertainment purposes, the AI model can perform some useful functions which can result in financial benefits as well.

Here are 5 ways in which you can earn money using ChatGPT.

Launch a YouTube automation channel

A YouTube channel that does not require the owner to reveal their face is called an automation channel. This channel is similar to a company because you need to hire voice artists, video producers, editors, and scriptwriters before you can perform your research on video themes and come up with viral video ideas.

There are many people, especially freelancers, who are working in the YouTube automation industry as channel owners often need to hire them. It is particularly important to divide the work as attempting to handle every aspect of the business yourself might lead to its downfall.

Choose a niche with the aid of ChatGPT: The first step to starting a successful YouTube automation business is picking a niche, and ChatGPT can help you do so by displaying niches on which to base your business. For instance, if you say "give me 10 viral youtube niches to acquire a lot of views," you will receive the precise number of niches you requested in a matter of seconds.

Maintain a blog using ChatGPT

The greatest approach to using ChatGPT to generate income is to start a blog. A blog doesn't need a lot of money to start; with simple web hosting, you can launch one from the beginning and see it expand over the next few months.

Composing articles will be simpler because ChatGPT can cover the most subject matter. Creating a 2,000-word blog post about fat loss, for example, is a prompt that you may offer to ChatGPT. 

Afterwards, ChatGPT will put forth an informative article about fat loss that has been skillfully written. It is recommended that you edit this article to prevent getting penalised for plagiarism. Your blog's traffic will increase if you are consistent, and you can earn a lot of money through Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsorship deals, and other monetisation strategies.

Sell articles using ChatGPT

There are many things that ChatGPT is good at, and one of those things is producing well-written articles. You can never identify that the article was written by a bot. In reality, ChatGPT can write articles on most subjects. It was even claimed that ChatGPT wrote a product review, but ChatGPT did write a thorough review of this product.

However, there have been some plagiarism complaints. Therefore, you must update your content properly. AI isn't supposed to do your job for you, it's there to make your work easier.

Create simple tools with ChatGPT

You can make straightforward software tools with ChatGPT and sell them online. For instance, if you have an issue with your online business and see that many other people have the same issue, you may utilise ChatGPT to create a simple software by utilising the codes provided by ChatGPT. The software can be sold to people who need it in exchange for money.

Using ChatGPT for affiliate marketing

To use ChatGPT for affiliate marketing campaigns, one needs to input customer information into the model, such as purchase history and browsing habits. With the use of this data, a series of product suggestions that are specific to the customer's preferences and past behaviour can be created.

The consumer can get the product recommendations through a chatbot or another messaging platform after they have been generated. To increase the likelihood that the customer will make a purchase, the chatbot can use the recommendations to interact with the user and respond to their queries.

ChatGPT can be utilised for various affiliate marketing duties, like making customised email campaigns, social media postings, and product descriptions, in addition to producing product suggestions.


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