The Climate Action Summit in New York has failed to deliver

The world leaders who are responsible for emitting most of the greenhouse gases are not willing to take the requisite actions at the scale and pace that is required.

We are not on track for 2030 climate targets

We are at the halfway point of this time frame; if we review the current situation, the progress is not good.

Macron’s support for an ‘adaptation pact’ with Bangladesh

Macron first told us that he had had a one-on-one conversation with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina already in which he’d offered assistance from France to Bangladesh to work on an energy transition partnership.

Scale up climate change adaptation as soon as possible

While Bangladesh has been doing quite well in adapting to climate change, there is still a long way to go with not much time to waste. Serious actions need to be taken urgently to boost the country’s resilience.

In funding climate actions, we can be more creative

Leaders who attend COP28 will have to rise to the occasion with the sense of urgency that the climate change crisis requires today.

What our new climate envoy can do for Bangladesh

Last month the PM Sheikh Hasina appointed Saber Hossain Chowdhury, member of parliament, as her climate envoy.

Enter ‘global boiling’

“The era of global warming has ended; the era of global boiling has arrived.”

We need a loss and damage report from the IPCC

A special report on loss and damage will capture the significant amount of scientific research being carried out now on different aspects of tackling climate change.

Looking back at London Climate Action Week 2023

London has the potential to become a global leader in harnessing the insurance sector to tackle climate change at scale.

Key takeaways from the Paris summit on climate finance

An admirable attempt by the French president to raise the important issue of reforming the global financial system in light of climate change emergency.

Understanding the concepts of adaptation and loss and damage

What we called mitigation before is now better described as averting or avoiding loss and damage

Bangladesh doesn’t need new pilot projects to tackle climate change

Bangladesh has all the data needed to take the programmatic approach to tackle climate change.

Making a university great, with climate action

Bangladesh is at the forefront of having to tackle climate change out of necessity, so we cannot avoid learning how to do so.

Time to make climate funds part of mainstream finance

How are we going to deal with all the evolving climate issues, and what kind of finance is needed for that?

More heatwaves are coming our way. Are we prepared?

We need to rapidly find ways to deal with heat stress.

Closer to making polluters pay

This is just one step, although a very important one, towards getting justice for the victims of climate change.

LLA lessons feature in annual Gobeshona conference

The seven-day conference was a platform for local leaders of LLA from over 30 countries.

A fresh climate change accord between Bangladesh and the UK

Such strategic funding would not only benefit Bangladesh but also the UK, and indeed many other countries as well.

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