50 years of our Constitution: Original ideals vs reality

50 years of our Constitution: Original ideals vs reality

Bangladesh began badly: Remembering the roots of the impasse

Nationalism is not a political doctrine, not a programme. If you truly want your country to avoid regressing, halting, failing, it is necessary to march past national consciousness to political and social consciousness.

Constitutional borrowing and transplants

When modern constitutional ideas and concepts had already been well seasoned and developed, the Bangladesh constitution emerged in 1972,

Human Rights in the Constitution of Bangladesh

As Bangladesh celebrates the golden jubilee of its adoption of the Constitution, I shall investigate the Constitutional framework of human rights in Bangladesh in this short piece with a brief historical anecdote.

Property rights and their legal protection: The constitutional perspective

What we are is our “culture” and we expect to protect our rights through law. In other words, we expect to enjoy

Independence of judiciary: CA debates and later developments

The judiciary of a modern state is assigned with the responsibility of ensuring the rule of law, human rights, and administration of justice. In developing democracies like Bangladesh,

Constitutional supremacy: The dangers within

The “idea” of a constitution may be old.  After all even Aristotle had written about them. 

Constitutional Law of Bangladesh

Bangladesh enacted and implemented its Constitution in 1972 featuring parliamentary democracy. Since then, the constitutional rule of law has had a turbulent journey.

How far have we ensured judicial independence in Bangladesh?

The judiciary is the last hope for restoring the rights of citizens in a country. However, judiciary cannot act to restore these rights unless and until it is free from any undue influence and interference of any other organ.

A constitution without constitutionalism?

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of the adoption of Bangladesh Constitution provides an opportunity to examine whether the country practised constitutionalism since the constitution came into effect.

The voices of dissent in the Constituent Assembly of Bangladesh: Sengupta, Larma and Chowdhury

Of all the members of the Constituent Assembly of Bangladesh, Suranjit Sengupta, Manabendra Narayan Larma, and Mohammad Abdul Aziz Chowdhury deserve a special mention for their distinguished role in the making of the Constitution.