Shift / The twin cam dreams

Toyota Corolla is a popular name known for guaranteed comfort, fuel economy and an overall hassle-free experience for years of ownership.

Shift / Glanza V: the hot hatch from the late 90s

This particular Glanza V, owned by local car enthusiast Momtahin Hassan Ingit, was restored from the ground up. The sporty design with the side skirts, trunk spoiler and hood scoop makes it as evergreen as it can get.

Shift / Meet the locally modded Toyota Altezza

This Altezza, owned by local car enthusiast Ishan Gausul, is a 1999 model that began its life as an RS200, and in 2017, it was the only dual-tone Altezza in Bangladesh.

Shift / Jeeps in the wilderness

Most people in Bangladesh refer to “Jeep” as SUVs or even Crossovers, what they don’t know is that Jeep is an American automobile manufacturer that introduced SUVs to the world.

Cover Story / Meet the resto-modded Toyota Corolla AE9X

On and on, this resto-modded Toyota Corolla AE9X is a beautiful car. Even though it just misses out on a few rare features, it is still the most loaded AE9X in Bangladesh.

Cover Story / 2023 Honda BR-V: Simple gets the job done

Last week, we had the pleasure to test drive the latest Honda 2023 BR-V. Here are our thoughts.

Shift / Hako-Rolla

Minty and restored examples are hardly around or spotted in broad daylight. In this feature we look at a resto-modded Toyota Corolla KE70.

Shift / A weekend with the GR Yaris

If you’re not already familiar with Toyota’s semi latest concoction, the GR Yaris, a quick Google search will immediately fill you in about its importance in the world of cars.

Taking the 2022 BMW X3 out for a ride

The BMW X3 on paper seems like the complete package of a compact SUV. It is fast, reliable and quite comfortable to commute around the city or go on a cross country trip with. Even though the X3 is a mid-range offered by the German manufacturer, the amount of flamboyant options in the car is plenty. Keep reading to find out more.

New dog, old tricks

The very first land cruiser, like most modern Toyota off readers, was an instrument of war for it existed through reverse engineering a Willys Jeep which the imperial army captured in the Philippines during the Second World War.

Survival of the fittest Evolution

However, the CT9A cemented itself onto our consciousness to be synonymous with the word ‘Lancer Evolution’ despite being lamented as of late 2016 and out of 10 generations.

Road trip diary with Toyota Crown Royal

Most customers purchasing a reconditioned car from Japan usually miss out on what could have been the greatest road trip with their new car. On the last weekend of November,

Taking the new H6 out for a spin

Haval Bangladesh recently launched the 1.5 litre H6 at their Tejgaon dealership, just last week and we had a chance to properly road test one. Oftentimes, most Chinese cars glitter, and more often than not, all that glitters is not gold.

Glow up season: 2022 Honda Civic review

The new Honda Civic for 2022 is out, welcoming the 11th generation on their lineup which could almost be taken for an Accord;

Excelsior plus

The segment-defining land barge called out the euros in English, literally giving its rivals, namely the W140 Benz S-Class and the BMW E32 7 series, a run for their Deutsche marks, and then some.

Pushing traffic on a budget: Toyota Axio Hybrid

Toyota Corolla; a well-recognised name in many families through countless generations, is known as a nice, cheap, and well-rounded car that rarely breaks on you, giving countless reliable miles.

The pale blue dot

Cars were built to last once, provided that one donated their blood, sweat and tears while tending to them, a sharp contrast to the cars of today and tomorrow, which are designed and programmed with planned obsolescence.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado vs Haval H9: competing for the Bangladeshi icon

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, as we all know, is one of the most popular, well established full-sized SUVs in Bangladesh. Competing against a car with this pedigree in Bangladesh is like comparing silver with platinum.

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