Humour / The art of voicing opinions nobody asked for

We have devised a foolproof way you can share your unsolicited input with the world without any holdups.

How to dodge intrusive questions from relatives this Eid

It's not uncommon in our culture for relatives to inquire about your employment status, marriage plans, and even your weight.

Humour / People you see at Banijjo Mela

If the Met Gala is the pinnacle of western fashion, Banijjo Mela is its Bangladeshi counterpart.

SATIRE / New Fast and Furious movie to feature Bangladeshi highway buses

Finally, the recklessness in the Bangladeshi highway system is getting recognised.

Humour / 5 stages of grief as my Instagram gets suspended

With Instagram accounts getting suspended, panic set in globally.

Satire / Two groups of students clash at university ranking celebration

What started as a celebration soon turned into tragedy.

Humour / Types of people you see in a university cafeteria

We are now entering the cafeteria of Bidirectional University.

Humour / A guide to befriending your sleep paralysis demon

What if rather than giving in to the demon, you decided to throw it a curveball by attempting to make it your friend instead?

Stages people experience during the Black Friday sale

Looking to get your favourite product? Hold up. Not so fast.

Diary of a Terrible Chess Player

“CHECK this out, MATES.”

Here’s why you should break up on Valentine’s Day

You’ve heard of bitter people, but have you heard of people who’ve broken up on Valentine’s Day? I’m not saying I’ve heard of them or that I am a bitter person, but I thought about this a bit and with surprising ease, could come up with a bunch of reasons on why it’d be a good idea to break up on Valentine’s Day.

Retiring from football as a fan

What else can you do when your team is constantly failing?

Phases of tragedy during the admission season

One of the most significant yet traumatising phases.

My first time as a koshai

It’s finally time. Year after year of having my authority questioned, of being belittled and humiliated by my own family, I’m going to

What your relatives think of your major

One of the best parts of the Eid holidays is getting to see your loved ones. For all the people that go back to their ancestral homes,

Where not to look for a girlfriend

Curiosity lead us to space and the desire to make life easier drives us towards newer innovations every day. Then there is the bitter

Cinderella: An MUN Story

Once upon a time, there was a smart and curious girl named Cinderella, who wanted to change the world with her thoughtful yet

Lungis will forever be the pinnacle of male fashion

As a man with zero fashion sense, let me explain why.

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