The other side of losing weight

Health-wise, it is the best possible outcome that one can hope for. Months (sometimes years) of hard work and maintaining a lifestyle that forced you to take an oath against enjoying the food that you basically lived for (or die of eventually) finally paying off.

Words thrown around loosely

Language is an ever-changing thing. With the constantly evolving digital communication platforms, language has experienced immense transformation.


I'm unfortunate enough to have been in a wide spectrum of zones: the dude zone, bro zone, even apu zone. If you think those are bad, I'm here to burst your bubble just as how mine crashed down upon me as I, a 19-year-old, was called by a new title recently: auntie.

People you see at Banijjo Mela

If the Met Gala is the pinnacle of western fashion, Banijjo Mela is its Bangladeshi counterpart.

New Fast and Furious movie to feature Bangladeshi highway buses

Finally, the recklessness in the Bangladeshi highway system is getting recognised.

5 stages of grief as my Instagram gets suspended

With Instagram accounts getting suspended, panic set in globally.

Two groups of students clash at university ranking celebration

What started as a celebration soon turned into tragedy.

Types of people you see in a university cafeteria

We are now entering the cafeteria of Bidirectional University.

A guide to befriending your sleep paralysis demon

What if rather than giving in to the demon, you decided to throw it a curveball by attempting to make it your friend instead?

Stages people experience during the Black Friday sale

Looking to get your favourite product? Hold up. Not so fast.

Diary of a Terrible Chess Player

“CHECK this out, MATES.”

Here’s why you should break up on Valentine’s Day

You’ve heard of bitter people, but have you heard of people who’ve broken up on Valentine’s Day? I’m not saying I’ve heard of them or that I am a bitter person, but I thought about this a bit and with surprising ease, could come up with a bunch of reasons on why it’d be a good idea to break up on Valentine’s Day.

Retiring from football as a fan

What else can you do when your team is constantly failing?