Is Your Body Ready?

Is Your Body Ready?

IS YOUR BODY READY? / Dumbbell vs. Barbell for chest press

When doing the bench press, or chest press, it is possible to use either dumbbells or a barbell.


If you're just starting out and just want to build up your chest, then I'd recommend you do about 8 sets of chest press for 5 to 8 reps each.

IS YOUR BODY READY? / Body types: Endomorph

Endomorphs have a solid, short stocky build with thick arms and legs. They gain fat easily but have difficulty gaining muscle.

IS YOUR BODY READY? / Body types: Mesomorph

To stereotype, this is basically the jock from high school who turns into a fat couch potato with age.

IS YOUR BODY READY? / Body types: Ectomorph

Body type plays a major role in influencing how you respond to diet and training regimes.

IS YOUR BODY READY? / High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is when you alternate between short bursts of high intensity exercises followed by differing lengths of low intensity recovery periods.

IS YOUR BODY READY? / Gym etiquette

Keep a towel with you. After you're finished with bench press, wipe down the bar so that the person after you can use it.

IS YOUR BODY READY? / Buddy workout

Just because you're working out with a friend doesn't guarantee efficiency.

Workout clothes

T-shirts, jerseys, track pants and football shorts are good workout clothes for guys.

Myth? Girl shouldn't lift

Apparently, older women here discourage girls from working out. They are of the opinion that if girls work out, then they will grow big and muscular.