In search of respect

In a popular TV ad, a jet set businessman yells at an airport steward, “Do you know who I am?” The steward takes a sip of her tea and announces, “Ladies and gentlemen, here’s someone who doesn’t know who he is.

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Can police be deployed in the army-withdrawn camp sites in the CHT?

Dipankar Talukdar, member of parliament (MP) from the Parbatya Rangamati (299) constituency, while taking part in the budget discussion during the 18th session of Jatiya Sangsad on June 16, said, “Nowhere is it mentioned in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) Accord that police cannot be deployed at the army-withdrawn camp sites.”

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Do we need wider roads in Dhaka?

We are accustomed to having fully developed roads in Dhaka only after all the buildings in an area have been constructed – whereas in developed nations, the roads are built first.

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Plassey: Myths and reality

Each year on 23 June arrives an occasion of template lament for Bengalis: the defeat of Siraj-ud-daulah at Plassey at the hands of forces led by Robert Clive—and Bengal’s subsequent quick subjugation by the East India Company.

Tk 10 lakh fine for journalists' ‘illegal activity’?

There are already laws in place for newspapers and journalists. Why did the Press Council, then, take the initiative to amend the Press Council Act 1974, keeping provision to impose a fine of up to Tk 10 lakh? Is it not their obligation to protect the interests of journalists?