NHRC response to The Daily Star editorial

The National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh responds to an editorial by The Daily Star.

Destruction of Hargazi Canal

There are no visible changes yet.

Who will listen to the woes of trainee doctors?

The trainee doctors at BSMMU have been demanding an increase of monthly allowance from Tk 20,000 to Tk 50,000 – a demand which is justified.

A girl should only marry when she is ready

As a professional trainer of English, I have taught thousands of people coming from a diverse range of backgrounds and age groups. Of them, a significant percentage are women who dream of reaching their full potential.

2y ago

Create a healthy political environment

There was a time when politics was a means of practising patriotism, honesty, compassion, and selflessness. The main objective of politics was

2y ago

Celebs should opt for ethical advertising

Advertising plays a vital role in promoting products of different brands and companies, and drawing the consumers’ attention. We learn of many new products

2y ago

The emergence of alternate reality

The emergence of the Metaverse is perhaps a complete game changer for our world. Metaverse blurs the line between reality and virtual reality.

2y ago

Make our Eid journey safe

People from various parts of the country will soon set out for their home from their places of work to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with their families.

2y ago

Stop bullying at schools

It’s not uncommon to see almost every school proudly boasting about having the best facilities for their students. However, those facilities don’t seem to cover

2y ago

Ensure equal opportunities for hijras

People of the third gender, known as hijra, are one of the most discriminated against and vulnerable communities in Bangladesh. In our society,

2y ago

Recycling plastic bottles to make garments

It has been reported that a number of businesses are trying to recycle plastic bottles and turn them into activewear, outwear, padding and other

2y ago

Improve our public universities

Every one of us have heard from at least one person that they would like to study abroad. Yes, it is true that every student has their own preference.

2y ago

Filth on the roads

I was really embarrassed to read my uncle’s post on social media, where he wrote that his trip to Bangladesh was a great one but he didn’t like

2y ago
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