Satire / Dhaka man loves metro rail so much that it’s affecting his relationship

The MRT-6 running at near full service has changed the lives of millions of Dhakaites. But for one Mirpur man, the changes have reached his home and private life.

Girlfriend changes angle, trained boyfriend confused, organises human chain

Ahmed Reza organised a human chain last week demanding the ban of all social media usage for couples in ongoing relationships. He thinks social media hides and distorts reality.

Cartoonist has nervous breakdown when asked to draw empty goalpost

A cartoonist in the Chapasthani capital of Chapa on Thursday suffered a nervous breakdown when she was asked to draw a satirical cartoon of an empty goalpost. 



Bureaucracy marathon receives great response

Chapasthan’s capital witnessed the Bureaucracy Marathon this Friday, an event designed to showcase the bureaucratic madness ingrained in daily life.     

‘Digbaji’ celebrity Jaded Khan tumbles head over heels into mathematics

Michael Jackson created the Moonwalk. Tom Cruise likes to run like crazy in every movie. Shakira has hips that don’t lie. Clint Eastwood was famous for his line, “Are you feeling lucky, punk?”

Palesreal the only solution, says privileged American

The current crisis in the middle east has a simple solution: Palesrael.



Satire / Bangladeshi toddler named in Shorbes 3 under 3

Azlazin Zafriath, a two-year-old from Dhaka, has been named in the prestigious Shorbes 3 under 3 2023 list.  

Structure thought to be incomplete bridge was a completed shade all along

Ten years ago, construction of a bridge started over a fully functional road in the Kauwwasaki upazila of Bangladesh costing the people a hefty Tk 55 lakh. It stopped midway causing massive confusion, consternation and other difficult words to pop across the minds of IELTS students of that area.  

Management realises after 15 years employee does not do anything

The management of a biscuit factory learned yesterday that an employee who has been working at the head office for the last 15 years has actually done nothing all that time.  

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