Pelé: Unseeing is believing

The world is grieving for Pelé, one of its most gifted sons, who won the universe with his football skills.

When in Qatar, be a Qatari

In the days leading up to the greatest show on earth, miserably apt was the Bangla saying, "Jare dekhte nari, tar cholon banka."

Bangladesh stumped by ‘blind love’

Over-dependence on technology and partisan umpiring is casting a shadow over cricket

Hollow democracies make the most noise

Probably on account of my last two articles on Covid and dengue, someone thought I was a doctor.

Aedes-Manush Bhai-Bhai?

The annual meeting of the Nikhil Bangladesh Mosha (mosquito) Samity has been convened.

Rise in Covid cases: A lackadaisical lifestyle is hardly liberty

Mask usage has come down to five percent, my guess, well below the rate of infection.

Stealing the applause and appreciation

What could be the psyche behind this ugly practice of stealing the limelight despite having no intellectual, technical, moral or effective input in any of the 23 goals that our girls scored in Kathmandu?

Living on hope, devoid of reality

Many of us believe and widely practise the cliché of, “Hopefully, this shall not happen to me”.

Elbowed out by an open mind; sequel to ‘mind block’

Our wedding feasts are not the usual places to showcase our best behaviour. Reaching out to fetch a bowl of rezala over the next guy, tossing a shami kebab to a needy friend beyond the reach of your spoon, and trying to cover spilt borhani with only one layer of tissue paper are all part of the gaiety.

Whom do the public servants serve?

Unlike the English language, where the hierarchy of age is muddled in the universality of “you,” Bangla distinguishes age, endearment, and insult with the terms “tui,”“tumi,” and “apni”—not in that order—as do several other dialects of the subcontinent.

Architects are not ‘others’

I have always resented the common belief (due to fabricated propaganda, plus the romanticisation of an emperor who had seven wives) that Samrat Shahjahan “built” the Taj Mahal.

The no-risk, all-gain game of mortal prophecy

You must have come across people, not necessarily ostentatious, who foretell the future, making a monkey out of the gullible with their forecasts.

Remembering Sultana Kamal Khuki

Not that we remember her only on August 15th, but she comes alive during events she embraced, at places that hold her memory, on the morning dew shimmering on the green, in the clouds that stand still, dark and heavy.

In search of an Olympic medal with ‘athletes without borders’

Now that San Marino, population 34,000, less than Sabrang, the smallest Union in Teknaf Upazila, have won medals at the Tokyo Olympics, the pressure is mounting on us, the eighth largest country, with about 17 crore people. But, how?

Lay and parley, eat and meet

Once the pandemic is over, that’s optimism, one thing I hope I will not miss, and you too perhaps, are meetings round the clock, that shall be freedom.

Happy birthday thoo you!

Researchers, I have always assumed, perhaps audaciously and inappropriately so, are rather awfully late to come to any conclusion, even on matters that appear conclusive on face value.

Shakib Al Hasan: Guilty victim of blind injustice

It is not easy to defend a cricketer who has kicked the stumps and uprooted them in successive overs in broad daylight, and that too on camera. His status as the world’s number one ODI all-rounder makes that task impossible. And yet, a diagnosis is necessary for even a terminal case.

Why does the story always begin with Palestinians throwing stones?

You have perhaps been witness to a cycle of violence that begins with one-sided bullying and coercion (action) and continues until the victim is forced to respond (reaction). And then the “fighting” begins. But then the victim is blamed for countering the continuing onslaught.

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