Pelé: Unseeing is believing

The world is grieving for Pelé, one of its most gifted sons, who won the universe with his football skills.

When in Qatar, be a Qatari

In the days leading up to the greatest show on earth, miserably apt was the Bangla saying, "Jare dekhte nari, tar cholon banka."

Bangladesh stumped by ‘blind love’

Over-dependence on technology and partisan umpiring is casting a shadow over cricket

Hollow democracies make the most noise

Probably on account of my last two articles on Covid and dengue, someone thought I was a doctor.

Aedes-Manush Bhai-Bhai?

The annual meeting of the Nikhil Bangladesh Mosha (mosquito) Samity has been convened.

Rise in Covid cases: A lackadaisical lifestyle is hardly liberty

Mask usage has come down to five percent, my guess, well below the rate of infection.

Stealing the applause and appreciation

What could be the psyche behind this ugly practice of stealing the limelight despite having no intellectual, technical, moral or effective input in any of the 23 goals that our girls scored in Kathmandu?

Living on hope, devoid of reality

Many of us believe and widely practise the cliché of, “Hopefully, this shall not happen to me”.

Mirsarai tragedy: Some coincidences are akin to death traps

Eleven passengers, including seven students, were killed in the collision between a microbus and a train in Mirsarai last month.

A world in trouble, not just Bangladesh

Almost any major incident causes a ripple effect across the globe – a few ripples lasting longer and spreading further than the others.

Unusual power lust in modern West

After quenching their lurid lust for power and property, funded by slavery and wholesale loot for centuries, leaving behind a trail of torture, murder and injustice, Western colonialists began to spread the word of the holy books,

A nation bogged by pitiful pessimists

You have perhaps heard the tale of these two neighbours.

To dua or not to dua?

You get a surprise phone call, not all have to be pleasant. According to this gentleman, although his voice was unfamiliar, you met him 10 years ago.

The future doesn’t justify the past

In case you have felt the shivers recently, or sweated profusely, know that climate is not the only earthly element that has undergone change.

Can we all play nice, please?

With the third round of Covid surge, educational institutions in Bangladesh are once again subjected to an extended shutdown.

The crisis of wastage

From my flat on the 5th floor, I could hear a beggar beseech anyone who would care to listen for alms.

The mirror speaketh the truth

On the sandy desert of Dubai and in the barren stretches of Abu Dhabi, it is ektur jonno difficult to connect bat with ball, to avoid wides and mokkhom good-length deliveries, and to hold on to a multiple loppa catches with both hands or to stop a boundary with your palm or your booted foot if you happen to speak in Bangla.

Guns, but more Roses

In case you have not noticed, climate is not the only manifestation that has changed drastically over the last decade. People have too.